Former Life Science geek that fell in love in how it feels to be part of decentralized and caring communities. Currently dedicating life to the development of those spaces, because it is what feels best. Part of the Blivande Staff Crew. Quite enthusiastic about pretty much everything especially big ideas of changing the world into a warmer more interconnected and sustainable place. Born or raised with the gift of sticking to tasks and projects until they are completed. Caring, curious and determined to empower others to reach for their dreams. Aspiring mastery in human communication through practices like Authentic Relating and active listening. Newly discovered creative, always learning something new.

What I want to do at Blivande:

The perfect balance for me is being involved in three projects:

  1. One that involves writing text, informing and curating content
  2. One that involves connecting, communicating and human interactions
  3. One that involves physically building something in the house (creative work)

I get stuck with a lot of type 1 and sometimes type 2 tasks and projects, thus I am especially open towards collaborations regarding type 3 projects. But hit me up with other suggestions too.