Zoom use

Anyone that can help me with admin log in att zoom from a computer.
I have the user name and the password and those works on my mobile but not used from the computer
I am sure i misunderstood something but i can not see it now

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Have you tried googling the problem you have or checking it out o YouTube?

thing is when log in using the Zoom.us and klick log in it constantly give me the answer “wrong username or password”
then log in using Google profile and are Hello@xx address its no problem and setting up that account i was using the same user and password that i am using to make a direkt logg in.
but if no one knows I will find out from Zoom.

Taking there classes now

do we have The webinar function in are subscription?

If we don’t have it and it is reasonable costs and people want to use it, we can add it to the plan.

How many people have been using it at the moment?

Ok I’m now up to date, we have a singel. “Host” version for meeting’s. Inkl 100 participant’s in one meeting

We start there
Is anyone responsible for Zoom use and dividing the use and so on?

If no one is responsible today, I can sign up as a volunteer