You creative art making people, what SNI code do you use?


I’m redoing my AB, and was thinking of actually adding a SNI code to reflect that I create interactive art for burner events. Anyone who have done this before, what SNI code did you end up using?


My company uses 90030 to make room for art related materials. There may be better SNI codes for the purpose though.


If you are creating art for burner events, you should not be making money, so that makes it not a business :wink:

But… let’s say you are “building stuff for events”, there is a very broad category called “Övrig verksamhet inom juridik, ekonomi, vetenskap och teknik” 74900, that I use. It contains event management consulting, event marketing, event production.
I also use 72220, which is for generic b2b consulting (business dev, org dev, hr, etc).

I use these two mainly because I rarely sell products or services straight to customers. I always work in the context of another organization. When I bill The Borderland, i usually just call it “event production”, instead of try to get gritty with “what is art?”.