Work is Play plan

General Time Plan:

Location: Main Square

12:00 - 13:00: Lunch

13:00: Work induction 1 (during wok induction, someone will be in the space and explain what to do, otherwise, you have to find and ask someone)

16:00 Work induction 2 (during wok induction, someone will be in the space and explain what to do, otherwise, you have to find and ask someone)

18:00 - 19:00 Frihamnstoget Metting (Festival)

We also need designers and writers during the WIP. If that’s you, please come with your laptop :).

19:00 - 21:00 Dinner Barbeque, hangout

WIP by date:

12th June: Putting the UFOs on the scull container. Design flyers for the insect hotel and educational material. Secret Experience: put together the sky umbrella (large parasol).
19th June: Midsommar. Are we having anything? Probably not? >>>Party instead
26th June: Plant tower
27th June: Insect hotel
3rd Jul: Build funiture and make costumes for secret experince
4th Jul: welding course: Freedom welding :wink:
10th Jul
17th Jul

Needs of Secret experience:

  • Secret Experience Subcategory: With different room sub-subcategories with a task list for every room.
  • Nina & Bob will be there to onboard their helpers.

Needs for urban Gardening:

  • Welding course for moving walls on a Saturday
  • 12th of June: Setting up UFOs on the skulls and bones container.

would be appreciated:

  • Gardening tools
  • Gloves
  • People need to bring plants


  • Facebook event with the shedule
  • Poster
  • Prepare the Blackboard with info for every Friday with general time schedule
  • Chalk pens
  • Make it as “low burn every Friday”
  • talk to Sophia
  • Ask Kim how to reach the project leaders
  • Find graphic designer
  • Sweedish speaker for bee course
  • ask JP for DJing

Ping @SofiaAnner, @kimgajraj, @Sero, @annielocke, @bobspeakman, @jakobskote, @Hampus, @hugi, @cecilia_ulfsdotter, @Linnea, @Thedodod, @jonasjohansson, @Jomi @elch @Simpykatt @ben.english @darkturo @DianaMO @Frida_Simon @Joannis-Magnus @NinaLindberg @Ollxor @PerP @rasmusalexander @Simon @ubbesen @urbanburn @Vinnss @y

@MariaEuler thank you for the notes! can you make the post into a wiki so that i can ask tasks for the Secret experience? :heart:

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Absolutely, that’s on my to-do list for today

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I am cooking lunch and putting a lunch swish system in place for the coming times, so that people can swish for their food. Let me know if you need help with something. Will come around 10 to Blivande on Friday <3


Amazing :heart_eyes::sun_with_face:

would write this onto the new chalkboard outside?

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Good if we cross-reference the different posts containing TO-DO’s for FT. I’ve already claimed this task earlier this month:
I know I wasn’t at the later meeting where this was suggested but we need to sync both digitally and in-person.

I don’t agree the UFO’s should go on that most visible side (especially not before the background has been repainted), and in any case some kind of plan/sketch should be presented. Let’s not rush the more permanent aspects of the square (even if we also have to get shit done and show progress due to the outside pressure from SH).

I have an alternative idea that I suggested already last year (a sort of container remix of Magritte’s art classic “Ceci n’est pas une pipe”). Will make it happen in the coming weeks.

Ok, we can do something else. And yes we need to sync better.
Regarding those program points: was also ment to sound just a bit intriguing even if stuff is changed.


  • Some to help go to miljö station with hampus (Bob)

  • writing Timeplan on black board and Todo list on whiteboard

  • Build the sky umbrella: set up and weld something to the container. (Diana helps, Bob and Nina lead)

  • Get sunblocker

  • Pull hose from water to the secret experience to start making the watering system and add UFOs to skull container. (Toby)

  • Description posts/flyers (Maria)

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Turned out it was just a misunderstanding! I was thinking of the wall/side of the container and the idea was planned for the roof/top.

I’m thinking to invite my friends Binnie and Sheldon to play some dancehall and reggae on Friday, sounds good?

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On Friday Jape from the Node is having a music party in the square from 16-22, so check with him first maybe.

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Ah, might be better for next Friday. Is anything planned then that we know of?

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Not to my knowledge. Sounds like a great idea.

For WIP this Friday, what’s the plan with integrating with Mondo Village? We now have 11 people attending WIP on Facebook for Friday.

Ping @hampus

Also, on the schedule, we have this:

Sounds cool! What is happening and who is coordinating?

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I would get soil and finish the planting. Does anyone have plants ? @NinaLindberg
Don’t know when I come though, have to do some stuff in the morning. Maybe we could also start with the pillars for the dome ? @hampus

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I don’t know much about the Mondo Village coordination since Jape told me last week he had been in touch with @SofiaAnner about that.

When it comes to food @NinaLindberg will sell food together with Claudia between 16-22. It will be a much more ambitious and therefore also more expensive menu than usual due to the Mondo-event. In other words we’re set for the dinner but still lack someone to provide the lunch. @bobspeakman will be on the island working with Mutant.

When it comes to the work coordination and hosting I can take that on but since I also want to get something done with @elch on the the raising of the dome it would be good if someone else can do it with me. Any volunteers?

IIRC we’re missing both @MariaEuler and @DianaMO this Friday.

Task list:

  • A good amount of work can be done preparing the Beckman’s container for repainting.

    • Using Tobi’s high pressure washer to get rid of the masking tape remnants on the Amandus side (if that is indeed to be painted over) and getting rid of loose paint in general.

    • Potentially also priming it if Amandah wants that. @hugi you’re the one in contact with her so I will leave that to you to figure out.

  • Raising of the dome-project

  • Planting the tower (not sure what this refers to) @MariaEuler

  • Finishing/installing the big parasol/sun shade that’s been on the ground since last WIP.

In any case container paint prep and the rest of the items on the list should provide more than sufficient work opportunities for the amount of eager-to-work people that normally show up.

There is also material that I brought last Friday to build another pallet couch if someone wants to do that instead.

The plating tower refers to @elch ideas on building planter walls and towers. see here:

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I don’t know much either, I refered him to you @hampus

This is the message with info that I got:

Här är det tänkta upplägget än så länge för den 26e:
Livemusik ute på Frihamnstorget kl 16-22, vi använder Joannis ljudsystem, han finns tillgänglig som ljudtekniker, matservering från Bob och Ninas kök, ej klart än så länge om Nina lagar mat eller ifall vi hittar någon annan att sköta det, men vi kör ett enkelt upplägg med sallader & röror och annan lätt, vegetarisk mat. Folk som är med på Work is Play under dagen kommer in gratis, för övriga besökare tänker vi entréavgift på 100-150kr.