Work Is Play - Coordination

Work is Play!

But when, and what and By Whom?

“Work is Play” is an offer and multiple initiatives by members and also potentially a feature on which to sell the festival in September as a ticket would also give you access to those events.

In that vein, the plan is to have at least 1 bigger planned work is play event each month. Ideas for that are:

  • welding course by @elch
  • urban gardening event
  • Building insect hotels
  • open beehives?

As far as I know, no dates have been set for these events yet, however, there is a schedule for work is play barbeques which can be found in the Frihamnstorget Facebook group and are linked in here: (Work Is Play - 29th of May). According to this, the next work is play event planned is on the 29th.

This leads to some immediate questions:

  • What is still needed for the event on the 29th? (like someone to man the barbeque, someone to put up lights, things like that)
  • What if someone would like to initiate a work is play event on that day or before? (like @kimgajraj Music rehearsal on Friday 15:00)

I think it would be good to have a central planning place here for work is play and answer some general questions and lay down potential ground rules:

  • is there a barbeque that can be used? What needs to be known about that?
  • could/should people prepare/sell food?
  • anything that needs to be knowledgeable regarding which sound levels can be had a Frihamnstorget at which time?
  • Any other rules which people need to be aware of when doing work/play initiatives?

Please. add you ideas, initiatives and question below! :slight_smile:


Thanks Maria!

22 is the deadline for loud music outdoors.

Yes and yes.

Yes, both the big open fire pit and the awesome bomb grill made by @elch. We also have additional cooking gear like gas burners (both @Thedodod and I have Muurrikkas) and so on and so forth. Only really important thing to prepare in terms of the BBQ is to make sure to buy briquettes/coal and the igniter (although we really should buy one of those electric grill starters).

I’m not aware of any preparations/roles distributed so far. As I wrote in another thread about this question @Linnea and @Thedodod took on a lot of the responsibility for food last time so it should be someone else’s turn now.

My muurika is available to borrow, I also have two gas burners for muurikas

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I would be happy to take care of the food but would be good if, for example, @Thedodod could share some experiences from the last times with me how much is needed and how to start the “muurika” or other grills without setting stuff on fire. Is there a budget for food or is it a swish system? I also have some 20 beer left which is now 1 month past is date (which is fine I am sure) and would be happy to donate :).
@NinaLindberg would you guys be interested in also doing some small weird food thing next Friday as a “secret experience appetizer”?


Sure thing! It’s quite easy, let’s do it together:)


Great! When are you around usually? Could sit down with a coffee tomorrow or wednesday to plan the food for friday?