Work is Play 31/7 - Plan

Please note that this WIP will be a bit different than usual as we have rented out FT from 18.00 to Amanda and Claudia and their Tantric Afterwork event.

In other words WIP will take place from 12-18 and not run until 20 or 21 as it normally does. It will also have a sharper “cut off” time when those not paying participants of the Tantric Afterwork will have to leave.


  • First order of business is to clear out the second level container in “the tower” and then install the “tunnel bar” there.

  • Second order of business would be to clear out the Beckmans container (where the tunnel bar is currently stored) and install a container shelving system there.

These two tasks should provide more than enough work for those present as we can expect lower than usual numbers of attendees given the Floating Burn that happens this week.

Would anyone like to volunteer cooking and selling lunch at 12 or 13? @MariaEuler @Lekonst @DianaMO

I will be on site from 10 and lead the work of the day. There wouldn’t be any dinner sold this Friday.

Hello Hampus and Frihamnstorget.
Thanks for asking. Friday 31st is my birthday
And I have plans to celebrate a bit.
Next time.

Please Come by Naturvinsbaren on Reimers Holme on Friday after The WIP and AW IF you feel like having a drink in my company! :heart:


Congrats Mike!
There’s another event right after WIP so I won’t make it but I wish you a great day!

Bob and I will be making a nice pasta dish, served at 12.

Love the initiative with the bar and Beckman’s container! I will focus mostly on food and drinks for the tantric after work but I’ll be around :heart:


Oh no :frowning: so absolutely no building after 18:00?

You can build over by Tobi’s containers. Or outside Tau (which would be a better place anyway given the access to tools). But it depends on what you’re building of course! What’s the plan?

Tagging some other people here so the information reaches them. @Simon @Frida_Simon @Thedodod @BjornAlbihn @Frihamnstorget

I am going to ask Tobi if he needs help with something specific, I was looking forward to weld. :wink:

Tobi is not going to be there tomorrow. He comes back from the island burn on Sunday.

uups. now there is no plan. Will see what brings the day of tomorrow. Isn’t there always something to do :wink:

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Probably won’t be able to make it today. Whish everyone a great day. See you next week. Will be back to working then :).

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Hi everyone, just a heads up that @bobspeakman and I won’t be at work is play this Friday (7/8).

Is anyone gonna be there? :heart:

@DianaMO, @elch @MariaEuler, @hampus, @hugi

I’ll be there. Can do a pasta lunch.

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Not this week, Im solo camping tomorrow/friday. Picked a random island in the Archipelago and am gonna wander around and pretend to know how to live off the land