Woodworking tool plan


Tools are on their way now (with PostNord, so who knows when they will actually arrive).

The ETA however is set to Tuesday, so would be great if we could make a collective effort to prepare the space for their arrival. Cleaning it out, removing stuff that shouldn’t be there. Make room in shelves, think about how to systematize some order in there.


Christmas feeling in the house as the tools have arrived!
I’m sure many of you are eager to come and join in the unwrapping of these packages of delight =)
I suggest that we make a plan for the layout of the room and set up necessary infrastructure so we can move on to the fun stuff of unpacking and labelling without creating too much chaos. This could be a thing for Wednesdays Tao day? We have also bought yellow/black Dymo Tape to mark up tools and their designated place in the wood shop.
We can also continue this during Fridays WIP evening as this will probably take some time.