Woodworking tool plan


I asked a friend who recently started with Festool about a “starter pack”, which they apparently don’t have, but he sent me links to what he got started with:

MFT/3 work table https://www.festoolusa.com/products/semi-stationary-work/multifunction-table/495315---mft3

CT26 Dust extracor https://www.festoolusa.com/products/dust-extraction/mobile-dust-extractors/574930---ct-26-e-hepa-usa

TS55 track saw https://www.festoolusa.com/products/sawing/track-saws/575387---ts-55-req-f-plus-usa

OF 1400 Router https://www.festoolusa.com/products/routing/routers/574692---of-1400-eq-f-plus-usa

Rotex RO125 sander https://www.festoolusa.com/products/sanding-and-brushing/gear-drive-eccentric-sander-rotex/571782---ro-125-feq-plus-usa


I’m back from my travels and adjusted to Swedish time. My apologies for joining the project and immediately disappearing for 2 weeks. I promise to be properly active now :slight_smile:


Welcome back @LinearMilk! Would you like to start by logging in to the Dictum account I added a link to above and adding some tools to the wishlist? It seems like we’re going for Festool for a lot of our inventory, so look at that system primarily.


@hugi - I did it earlier today :stuck_out_tongue:

Buuut, since you said letter to Santa style, I added tools that I would be getting for myself if I was setting up a workshop for myself from scratch, so I went for blue Bosch, since I know those tools. I can do some research and pick Festool counterparts.


@elch Here is the thread for power tools.


I can give a glimpse on my experience with power tools.
By now I almost changed all my power tools to battery and I had most of them on 2 Borderlands. As I understand, we’re looking for machines for the Tau workshop and for outdoor use like Borderland. We could use one durable system with strong batteries (like I do) or one high quality cable bound system in Tau and one cheap battery system for outdoors.

I would recommend:

For a single system Milwaukee or Dewalt, they’re strong, durable and have a wide range of machines but expensive.

For a dual system for Tau: Festool, Dewalt or Bosch blue, Festool is very precise but very expensive.
For outdoors: Makita, Hitachi or Ryobi, they (especially Ryobi) have a wide variety of tools but weaker batteries

Here I get most of my machines
both of them are around Stockholm so repair and warranty is no issue and they have good starter kits like



They also have good seasonal sales like


Personally I would go with a durable single system because most likely some people will misuse the machines, forget them in the rain, use them high or keep using them dull or broken.
Also, I think Festool is too expensive, we will get probably the same precision with the shaper tool or a CNC router and most projects don’t need tolerances below 1mm.

This is just my opinion and I don’t have to be involved in the decision since I’m quite covered with power tools.

Though… here a few tools I don’t have and which could be useful in Tau :grin:
Bench bender
Lathe milling combo
Ultra sonic knife
Melting furnace


@elch - person after my own heart. I have been arguing vocally (but in person, not on the forum) against Festool and in favours of other, reliable but much cheaper brands. I am big fan of Dewalt myself, but Ryobi machines don’t last in my experience. They are cheap though. But for the moment I decided to stay on the sidelines as the general opinion leans strongly towards Festool, and I think getting any tools is better, than dragging forever a decision which brand to go for.


Me & Hampus just made a preliminary shopping cart at Dictum for tools. We are at around 65k SEK. This could probably be reduced around 1/3 or so by going with cheaper brands. However, that might take an extra month or two plus extra work.

So i suggest we put a deadline, if someone else wants to make a alternative shopping cart similar to this one within a few days, we can consider that. Otherwise we need to act. So that we can start building stuff.

We have taken recommendations into consideration, but have probably missed some things, feel free to comment here or in the document.

Got to the Dictum sheet for review: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kkRv-L7xY-up_lbFHu-KuvZ-8NaapZZVanHaB4UDGtM/edit#gid=1040668032

@LinearMilk, @hugi wanted you to read this. Pls confirm.


I say go ahead! Information is here now, and we’ve waited long enough. Good work!


I’ve thought about it some more and it’s a lot of money for a not huge collection of tools. And it should be a more complete setup that includes dust collection etc.Before we press go I would like to go and visit a professional dealer (Proffsmagasinet in Aspudden) tomorrow for advice and also talk to Adrian again.

Been looking into Milwaukees yesterday. Let’s spend time on this also this weekend. I want to suggest the deadline of Wed next week to pull the trigger. If we haven’t come up with a better alternative list we’ll go for what we have today in the list above. How does that sound?

I would like to set a total budget for the whole room and then (quickly) compare how far we come using different systems/brands. Prioritizing total number of functions/options over precision in certain limited tasks.


Proffsmagasinet has a discount on Milwaukee right now but dont get fooled by the percentages, the average saving is just about 10-20%


Wednesday comin up. Hows it goin?


I’ve been to Proffsmagasinet and talked to a sales person there. He’s suggesting Festool or Blue Bosch. I’m leaning more towards Blue Bosch now as they seem to have the largest variety of tools (including dust systems) and is a good compromise between price and quality. It’s also been @LinearMilk’s suggestion from the start.

An argument for Festool that I could see is if we plan to rent out/lease our workshop to visiting carpenters/project. Something that could bring is back some of the money invested. And it’s not just a big price difference in purchase but also in consumables like sanding papers, saw blades etc.

Blue Bosch also comes with a 3 year-warranty similar to that of Festool, as long as the tools are manually registered with Bosch within 4-weeks of purchase.

Will call Adrian again today to hear some arguments from a Festool nerd. Concretely I will also put together a shopping list with Blue Bosch stuff so we have something to compare with price-wise. I’m also going to check what kind of discount we can get from Proffsmagasinet.


OK I’ve now spent a number of hours researching and setting up shopping carts. I have a completed list that ends up costing 55700 KSEK excl. VAT. This is slightly less expensive than the Shopping List made by @Ollxor found here: but contains significantly more tools and accessories.

It’s all Blue Bosch so one and the same system with the exception of the band saw, router table etc.

You can go through the exact list at https://www.duabhuset.se/index.php?view=cart

Login: hampus@blivande.com/tautaotoe

Dictum doesn’'t have a good enough selection of tools and with this Bosch campaign at DUAB it is basically the same prices or even cheaper sometimes. Plus we get rid of some of the admin issues with buying stuff in Germany + save time on shipping.

Please see if there’s anything missing or if you have any clear objections to something on the list, if not I will execute the purchase today Wednesday at 15.

@Ollxor @elch @LinearMilk @hugi @dsandber @Jan_vL @annielocke

  1. Planslip GSS 160-1 A Multi i L-BOXX
Bosch Planslip GSS 160-1 A Multi i L-BOXX
  1. Bordssåg GTS 10 XC
Bosch Bordssåg GTS 10 XC
  1. Kap och gersåg GCM 8 SJL
Bosch Kap och gersåg GCM 8 SJL
  1. Stativ GTA 3800
Bosch Stativ GTA 3800
  1. Verktygspaket 18V GSR/GST/GWS/GKS/GSA med 3st 4Ah batteri
Bosch Verktygspaket 18V GSR/GST/GWS/GKS/GSA med 3st 4Ah batteri
  1. Handöverfräs GMF 1600 CE
Bosch Handöverfräs GMF 1600 CE
  1. Hyvel GHO 16-82
Bosch Hyvel GHO 16-82
  1. Sänksåg GKT 55 GCE med styrskena FSN 1600
Bosch Sänksåg GKT 55 GCE med styrskena FSN 1600
  1. Styrskena FSN 3100
Bosch Styrskena FSN 3100
  1. Excenterslip GEX 125-150 AVE i L-BOXX
Bosch Excenterslip GEX 125-150 AVE i L-BOXX
  1. Grovdammsugare GAS 55 M AFC
Bosch Grovdammsugare GAS 55 M AFC
  1. Fräsbord BXZ-3 med strömbrytare
DUAB Fräsbord BXZ-3 med strömbrytare
  1. Bandsåg HBS355P
DUAB Bandsåg HBS355P
  1. Bandputs/skivputs BDS-46
DUAB Bandputs/skivputs BDS-46
  1. Sliprondell 150 mm 120 korn
Norton Sliprondell 150 mm 120 korn
  1. Sliprondell 150 mm 80 korn
Norton Sliprondell 150 mm 80 korn
  1. Sliprondell 150 mm 60 korn
Norton Sliprondell 150 mm 60 korn
  1. Slipband 100x915 mm 120 korn
Mirka Slipband 100x915 mm 120 korn
  1. Slipband 100x915 mm 60 korn
Mirka Slipband 100x915 mm 60 korn
  1. Rågummi med handtag 1,5x2x6
DUAB Rågummi med handtag 1,5x2x6"
  1. Bandsågblad 3821 2790x6x0,63 6T
Bahco Bandsågblad 3821 2790x6x0,63 6T
  1. Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 80 korn 5 st
Bosch Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 80 korn 5 st
  1. Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 120 korn 5 st
Bosch Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 120 korn 5 st
  1. Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 180 korn 5 st
Bosch Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 180 korn 5 st
  1. Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 240 korn 5 st
Bosch Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 240 korn 5 st
  1. Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 60 korn 5 st
Bosch Sliprondell 8 hålat 125 mm 60 korn 5 st
  1. Verktygspaket GSR18V-28/GDX18V-180 med 2st 4Ah batteri i L-BOXX
Bosch Verktygspaket GSR18V-28/GDX18V-180 med 2st 4Ah batteri i L-BOXX
  1. Bitsset 32 delar Pro
Bosch Bitsset 32 delar Pro
  1. L-BOXX 136
Bosch L-BOXX 136
  1. L-BOXX shelf 3 styck
Bosch L-BOXX shelf 3 styck
  1. L-BOXX 72-sats 10
Bosch L-BOXX 72-sats 10


Gah. The page times out after a while and deletes the shopping tray when you try adding something new. Good thing I decided to paste it here. Fucking annoying. Added an adapter that allows the router to fit on the guiding rails for the plunge saw.


Looks good! I am really happy we are finally moving forward!
Unfortunately I don’t have much time today to look at it in more detail: I had a break-in last night and I’m dealing with the aftermath today. :confused:


That really sucks. Let us know if there is something we can do!


Hej hampus,

good job, that is an impressive shopping list. From here on there will always be opinions which tool is the best. But it is important to move on and get the workshop running. I would suggest: Place the order and we will bring this place alive!

I would have liked to help out more, was really busy recently with work and travelling. So I am thankful that you have taken the time. This is the start for the wood workshop. After some time we can still see how to complement it. Looks like a good start!