Woodworking tool plan


It’s time to start populating our wood workshop with tools. Many have asked for a date when we can sit down and make list of prioritized tools. Let’s do it, and let’s add some constraints.

Let’s have a meeting for discussing tools for the woodworking workshop. We will then have later meetings for the textile workshop, electronics workshop and so forth as they get ready to move in to.

Doodle your availability for the meeting

Shaper Origin Tool

I suggest getting this machine (Dewalt DWE7491) https://www.blocket.se/stockholm/Bordssag_Dewalt_DWE_7491_med_tillbehor_83301439.htm?ca=11&w=1
5900kr vs 10490kr for a new one ink moms.

Reviews seems to be good.

And importantly this is a tool thats available now. We never know when a good one will show up again.


Do you suggest it strongly enough that we should strike while the iron is hot, so to speak?


It seems we didn’t get a lot of Doodle answers, and none of the times seemed great.

I’m going to propose a completely, different time, which is Saturday, February 9th, at 15:00.
How does that sound?


I assume you mean Saturday the 9th of February?


Sorry, yes. Thanks for catching it.
I’ve been messaging people today to check for availability, will update here when meeting times are confirmed!


I have checked in with some of you who have been most engaged in the wood workshop plans up to now. It was a bit hard to get calendars to sync up, so we’ll do this in two meetings.

One meeting on Wednesday February 6th at 18:00 with me, Hampus, Jan, Dan and Sero. We start the discussion, make a list of the things we come up with.

A second meeting on Friday February 8th, at 13:00, with Julia, Olle and me. I bring the outcome from the first meeting to the second and we build on that and make a plan.

Outcome from both meetings will be posted here for you to follow along and have input. You are all also welcome to join either meeting in person.


Badass. I’ll be there. Apologies for the late reply was temporarily immobilized with stomach flu this weekend :mask:


Results are in for our first meeting. Focus was on tools that would make the workshop operational within the next few months, with a lot of the most important tools being bought within one month from now. Attending were @Jan_vL, @dsandber, Vibeke, @hampus, Witold and @Sero.

Some general points were brought up:

  • We should decide on a brand and buy most of the tools from that brand to make sure we can use the same batteries and accessories. Festools were brought up, with the blue Bosch professional line and Makida being brought up as possible lower cost alternatives.
  • As many of the tools as possible should be bought in one batch from a single supplier that allows for paying in instalments. We need to mind our liquidity, so spreading the cost over 12 or even 24 months would be preferable.
  • Large stationary machines, like band saw and tower drill, should be of high quality and can be bought second hand if we find good deals.
  • Smaller tools, bits and pieces, and handheld manual tools will be allotted a budget of 10.000 and not specified in detail, but rather bought as the need arises.

We came up with a plan for which tools we should get, and a rough priority:

Tools and equipment to get within the next month

Approximate budget in total: 60.000 SEK
Should be bought in a single batch, preferably paid in instalments over 12 or 24 months. Getting as much as possible paid in instalments is important. Our liquidity does not allow us to spend the whole machine and tool budget of 400.000 in one go, it needs to be spread out.
Approximate price in parenthesis.

  • Table saw, foldable and mobile (20.000)
  • Batch of protective gear (10.000)
  • Cross-cut saw (5.000)
  • Jigsaw, cordless (4.000)
  • Power drills, 3x (6.000)
  • Vacuum cleaning system (10.000)
  • Multitool (2.000)
  • Router (3.000)

Stationary tools to get used when a good opportunity arises

  • Large band saw, stationary (10.000)
  • Tower drill, stationary (10.000)

On Friday, there is a second meeting with @Ollxor and @juliaa to discuss further.

Once we have a plan, the next action point will be for someone to find a good supplier and brand for the first batch of equipment.

When the workshop is equipped, Witold has offered to hold trainings on how to use the machines. He has worked as a carpenter for years, and has run his own business. Happy to have him join us! :slight_smile:


Thank you @hugi - just to add to the introduction - I actually got Masters in wood science and technology, I worked as a production engineer in a sawmill in Ireland for several years, mostly drying timber. Then I came to Sweden, worked as project manager/carpenter, then started my own business doing the same thing. Then I got tired of working for myself and now I’m a problem solver for a small software company.

I’ve been thinking about this, and the only things I can think of that would be really needed all fall into small tools or consumables categories: clamps, straight edge/guide, right angle, small set of chisels, maybe small grinder for sharpening tools (knives, chisels, some drills).


Report from Olle & Julias meeting.

Someone (Hugi?) starts Blocket bevakning for the following titles, and reports to the messenger thread when something new appears, then we check reviews and if its good, we go for it asap.

Kap gersåg

February shopping list
We made a document, removed some items that is already present, and added some things from our earlier prio lists. We need to decide where to buy the things, someone needs to get a nice discount, and then we will need to go through the shops inventory for specific items, check reviews and order. If a professional/experienced pro tool user can be consulted that would be great.

Digital router
We noticed that the digital router is not on the list. Is is still being purchased?


I think it’s better that @hampus does this since he is more familiar with this sort of thing.

Indeed. I’m also checking at places like Bauhaus if we can get a line of credit and pay in instalments. We are not only limited in budget, but also in looking out for our liquidity. I have sent an application for 100k of credit to Bauhaus and will see what they say. We will also look into credit with our bank.

Could we get some input on the tool list spreadsheet as it looks now from @Jan_vL, @LinearMilk and @dsandber?


Right now the lists are not clear and they are not gathered in one place. Here some suggestions:

  • decide on one language (not everyone here understands Swedish)
  • if it helps to be clear, attach an example image to each tool we want to buy
  • the responsibilities are not assigned, yet, who is in charge of what
  • each item needs a priority and desired timeline (like which tools we want available to Urban Burn)
  • a forum is not the ideal way of organising a to-do list (Trello or RealtimeBoard might be better, with the app they are accessible for those who need)

@Hugi: The points above and assigning responsibilities are up to you, I think

Here some help I can offer:

  • get in contact with the German Festo sales organisation (I just need a list with all the article numbers). If they ship only to Germany, my father could help get them sent to Sweden for little money.
  • do a trip with someone else to Bauhaus etc. to buy small useful things


Just browsing around here and I thought to bring up another alternative: Milwaukee V28 series, and the identical (“whitelabeled”) Wuerth 28 Volt series. It’s another one of the heavy-duty lines and I’m really happy with it so far. Not cheap, but if you have some time you can totally find reasonably priced items second hand here in Germany.

(unfold for less relevant details …)

One of the special features (and a reason for me selecting it) is that the nominal 28 V DC power supply (or rather LiIon 7S × 3.6 V = 25.2 V mid-point voltage) means that the tools can be operated as they are with a cable connected to a 24 V DC off-grid setup (two large lead-acid batteries in my case).

One of my conversions is below, using an emptied-out battery pack, a 6 mm² loudspeaker cable and a 40 A Neutrik SpeakOn STX connector.


Interesting! @hampus, @Jan_vL, @LinearMilk – any thoughts on this?

Agreed. Let’s use english from now on.

Also agree. This might be a good time to set up a Trello board for Tau. I love Realtime board, but the learning curve is a bit steep for many. I will set one up in the next couple of days.


The only Swedish used in this thread is a list of search terms for Swedish language service Blocket. In an otherwise English post by Olle. If we want to use Blocket we have to go by the Swedish names. Careful with jumping to conclusions based on a skimmed text! This is also the reason why some items are repeated twice with common spelling variations.

@hugi @Jan_vL

I could do the Blocket surveillance but I’m already juggling a shitload of multiple threads at once and I don’t think I would do it significantly better than anyone else here. There’s no special competency or knowledge needed. We can always use the collective intelligence of the group (or a more agile little trio or something using a Whatsapp group or the like) whenever there’s a potentially interesting ad (i.e post a link here on the forum and/or Whatsapp group, maybe after first calling the seller to make sure you’re first in line).

IMO this is an ideal thing to distribute to someone less busy in the group, or someone not having much time to participate on-site but who still wants to help from a distance. Any takers? I’ll of course do it unless someone else volunteers (Swedish speaker).

While a forum might not be ideal for to-do lists I do think we should concentrate on using the forum for now. With a first post made wiki editable by anyone we have a decent TO DO list in my opinion.

Awesome with your Festo connections and potential help from you father, @Jan_vL
Let’s go to Bauhaus you and I sometime next week. When would be a good time for you? Anyone else care to join?


I’m up for swinging by Bauhaus


I made a tau email and registered a blocket account. Anyone can use the login info to login & checkout stuff.


I have made an account on the German tool and machine website Dictum. Should we perhaps start adding tools to the Wishlist on that account and see what we come up with?

password: tautaotoe

I’ll change the password once I actually put in any payment information, but it should be safe to have it out in the open for now.

@annielocke, @Jan_vL, @Per_Dahlgren, @LinearMilk, @Ollxor, @juliaa, @dsandber and everyone else - feel free to just log in and add stuff to the wishlist! Like a kid in a candy shop. Letter to Santa style! Don’t worry if someone already added a mitre saw you found another one. We will do the filtering and selection later. It’s just time to get a bit concrete with this. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to +1 Hampus’s idea of sticking to Festool. It might be somewhat of a waste of money (or not, I don’t know) but I think the benefit in having a uniform system, and in making it easier to purchase tools (by narrowing down the options) makes it a reasonable option.

I think it makes sense for corded tools. For cordless tools I’m less sure, but perhaps.

Big picture, sometimes making a possibly suboptimal decision is better than not making a decision, and I think this is one of those cases.