Woodshop expansion project!

So the time has finally come for the transformation and expansion of the woodshop that so many of us have been longing for! Jomi has prepared a plan, a shopping list and set off time in his calendar to pull this off, with a little bit of preparatory and occasional lifting help from the rest of us.


First stage (today until Sunday 14/6):

  • Emptying of affected rooms (Woodshop and Vinnss’ old room) [FINISHED]
  • Demolition of wall in between the two rooms. [FINISHED]
  • Clean-up and preparation for build
  • Purchase and delivery of materials and tools [FINISHED]

Second Stage (Monday 15/6-Wed 18/6):

  • First build phase with @Jomi.
  • The Studio and the two woodshop rooms will be reserved during these days.

Third Stage (Monday 22/6-Tue 23/6):

  • Second build phase with Jomi.
  • The Studio and the two woodshop rooms will again be reserved for the project.

Forth Stage:

  • Clean-up.


  • As Jomi has limited time to work on this he has expressed a wish to work on this mainly alone for better focus, safety and efficiency.

  • He will however ask for specific help with some lifting when that is required. Feel free to stick around and be available for that!



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I broke a rib (I think) the other day (yesterday) and a bit apprehensive to heavy labour - but happy to just be a pair of helping hands (lifting - moving stuff). I could be of help either Saturday or Sunday.

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Thank you @jonasjohansson!

We can spend time on Sunday then moving things out from the woodshop. The other stuff was finished yesterday by @Joannis-Magnus and I. What time would be good for you?

Is there anyone else available to help out? More fun that way and we still have things left to finish after last week’s cleaning day.

Hey! @hampus, the plan has been moved back I guess.
Is there a new timeline?

Asking to have an approximate idea about when it will be good to work on projects.

That’s for @Jomi to answer as it’s his plan and he’s the one doing the actual build and installation work. Joannis and I took down the wall and then I’ve fixed the floor and done the surface restoration & painting while Joannis installed the 3-phase power two weeks ago.

The schedule for this week is that Jomi comes on Thursday and Friday which is when the workbench and the cupboards will go up.


Yeah, I guess I should update y’all on the progress. As Hampus writes above, we will install the cabinets in the woodshop thursday-friday this week. Some things will remain to be done after that, such as doors on the cabinets, some details on top of the work surface, etc. And to build carts for three of the stationary machines. However, after Friday this week, the woodshop will be operational, if not fully completed.
I had expected to be able to finish it all up during the coming weeks, but lack of time is an issue. I expect to be able to throw in another couple of days worth of work in August, but that won’t be enough to finish it all up
I would therefore need to ask y’all if you yourself, or someone you know, happen to have some woodworking skills, so I could delegate some tasks.

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Sure we can try to delegate! Could you describe in more detail what would need to be done? We have a skilled carpenter staying with us here now actually, Tobi’s friend Manu from Germany. He’s said he’s open to helping out and I would be happy to work with him on this for example. Maybe easiest if we all meet in person on Thursday. I’ll ask him today!


Sounds awesome, let’s look at it together on thursday!

Hey Woodshop expanders!

The woodshop is looking amazing and I am looking forward to be there more often. One thing that I was wondering today was how we will be able to open the windows (especially in summer) to have some fresh air?

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You won’t be able to open them fully (just 15 cm or so). Better than nothing!

If it’s deemed really necessary we could contemplate making changes so as to enable the bottom end window to open more, but I think the current setup should be enough, especially if both windows are open rather than just one.

I guess now it is cooling down anyways. That might be a problem next summer, that can be addressed then.