Woodshop Celebration & Hampus Motivation Clean-Up

We all love TAU, right?

Turns out, we need to show it!

  1. The woodshop has amazing interior. Let’s organise it!

  2. The two “storage” rooms need organising, let’s organise it!


Let’s make Hampus rejoice in bliss as he returns in full glory, and let’s show everyone involved in the carpentry (and in TAU and BLIVANDE) that we appreciate full the work that has gone in so far.

I propose Sunday 4th of October for a big ol’ cleanup. But happy to have suggestions :smiley:

What we need? A car to move stuff, and at least 4-5 really happy energized people! :smiley:


Hey, great idea! I am keen but I will be gallery sitting, although I think Jan will be there too so I can join on and off during the day <33

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I want to know where the woodstuff is so I would love to be part of that! I will get my schema today and look into when works. Would be cool to have help from other wood people so we find a good solution!


I think you are becoming Queenstress of Wood!! Would love to hang out and make it nice together!


Great initiative! Thanks Jonas!

I will move in to Maria’s old room so this is not a second storage space, just to make that clear. :slight_smile:

A great task for 2 persons to start with is to dismount the half-built metal shelf in the woodshop and erect it in the storage room instead.
For the woodshop we need to build a nice plywood shelf going along whole room just above the doors.

What is the momentary plan about that shelf? Is Manu going to help. I thinking how possible it is to arrange it in the final way.

ANY way is though better then the current state :slight_smile:

Hey! I am up for helping on Sunday the 4th! I am not working! Let’s do it!

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If anyone wants to do this earlier than the 4th, go for it! I’m out of out town until then, so I’ll be absent but I’m just trying to light a spark here, don’t have to be part of the flame :smiley:

This is a great initiative, go team go!
I have started putting on the knobs on the cabin doors but need to shorten the last ones and I didn’t have the energy for that now.

I did however move in some stuff in the cabins and shoved the remaining stuff to the far end of the bench to make the room accessible to work in.

Please note, it has not been organized! This is yet to be done and I think it’s great that some Tauers are up for the task. I just thought as 4 October is a month away, it’s nice to be able to access the room in wait of the big organization party.

  • If someone wants to continue pushing the project forward before Oct a great and simple task is to take down the old lighting system from the ceiling. You won’t need much more than a ladder and a the right screwdriver/bit!

  • Another task that requires more skill or at least the patience and thoughtfulness to really take the time to do it right and nicely is to cut open the backside of the inside of the cupboards where there is a power outlet on the other side. These places should have been marked out already. Don’t do this half-heartedly or sloppily however, then it’s better to leave it for someone else as it’s a one chance thing that can’t be repaired or redone easily and you have live 3-phase 20A power on the other side (or “only” 220V 10A if you’re less unlucky).