Wood and Epoxy


Is here anyone that has experience with epoxy and wood? I am looking to start with some small projects.

What epoxy did you use?
What do I need to keep in mind?
Where did you buy it living in Sweden?
What about health?

Thinking a bit this direction:

Then ultimately this as a bed:

@missChief @elch @Ollxor @Bjorn @Manu

When we did temple of tokamak we ordered from here: Epoxiofiber.se

Safety wise just make sure to wear a proper mask and gloves and you’ll be fine:)

Things to keep in mind: can be annoyingly sticky to work with, but I’m sure you’ve watched the YouTube vids about it all already

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what did you use it for in the temple?

The laser cut plywood “lampshade” to weatherproof it

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