Wishlist for TAU

Wouldnt it be hetat to have an overlock 4-trådig maskinen so we can sow nedleds amounts of tights and leggings for the Blivande croud?
Anyone else up for some sowingsessions and Also think it would be great good ide to komplettera the sowingroom with it.?
I know its is a difficult maskinen to trä trådarna på, but you get to know it pretto fast when you sow and have to leran

  • Overlockmashine ( 4 thread), black,white three)
  • Häftstift ( right shape/size ) for the häftmaskins

@hugi Is there anothe place for a whishlist somewhere? How does it work?

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This works just fine @Frida_Simon!

But I would it a specific thread for the proposal to buy an overlock machine, rather than a general wishlist. That way we can keep each thread dedicated and it’s easier to find relevant threads and for people to know what to read and what to skip due to lack of interest.

Häftstift/staples for the staple gun is a no brainer. We should always have that!
Let’s google for a good supplier and order a shitload. Next time in Tau maybe you could investigate what sizes we need? If you want to order online just send me and sms and I’ll give you the card details.