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@ Hello dear people of Frihamnstorget!

I won’t be able to be at Frihamnstoget physically in the next 8 weeks and @hampus just broke his arm and will also need some weeks of rest to heal. Therefore I am trying to find people who would fill in to “host” (in lack of a better word) a little bit.


That would mean to

  • be present throughout the Friday afternoon
  • welcome newcomers
  • show them the space and the house if they are interested
  • try to match helpers with projects

I already talked to @DianaMO, and she can take on the later Fridays in September after her shifts change.

In October we will move the whole event inside and have to replan and stricter either way. So we will discuss that in it’s own thread regarding the winter WIPs which will come soonish.

However, this means we still need someone to take over for this and/or next Friday.

Who would be available to be our WIP welcomer/host on the 4th and 11th of September?

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As last week we are again in lack of a host for the this Fridays WIP.

Experiences, also from last week has shown that we really need to have people consciously taking that position on. We also really want to keep to regular events on the Fridays as some neighbour and people walking by have started to take notice and coming by and we do not want to lose the momentum.
Please help and come together to help with that!

Therefore I am now asking a few people directly to share the necessary responsibilities for next week.

What is needed:

  • Welcoming people who arrive at the square and tell them a little bit about it. @Thedodod are you around and could do a bit of that? @NinaLindberg and @bobspeakman what is your time plan for Friday? Could you welcome some people? @Frida_Simon are you around? Could you maybe speak to people who look like they are new and tell some of the wonders of the place? @Natti said in the chat that she will be available to welcome people from 16:00
  • Trying to find work for people /coordinate work. Here I would like to call to @Theodod in case cup of copper needs help again, but also to @missChief and @elch to think about and communicate what people could do and to take on a more active role this Friday in coordinating them to do that, and maybe also guiding them on some tasks like gardening and cleaning up.

I know you guys all already do a lot, but since @hampus has to recover and I can not come over to the Friday events currently we have to call on you for this Friday.

We hope to have more additional people involved in future Fridays and to find solutions but we need to all be host a little bit to ensure Firhamnstorget is able to grow.

Thank you very much!

(@hampus, did I forget anything?)

I can be there between 12-14, though I dont know who comes at that time

I dont have any work to be done with cup of cupper tomorrow…

Thank you @Thedodod! There might not many be coming by at that time, but if it is not too much of a problem it would be great if you could be there and take one unlikely wandering soles.

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would love to help but my 90% seminar for my phd is due a week from friday so i’ll just be popping in for a little bit before retreating again to my writing hole…

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Very understandable. All the best for your seminar. I am sure you will be great. Thank you for popping in shortly.

Remember to eat properly in your writing hole.


So yesterday one person came to WIP,

Ok, thank you for the feedback. Maybe WIP works better in summer. We are always learning.

Yeah its no surprise that the participation goes down with colder temperatures. But we’ve also had these no show WIP’s in the middle of summer.
What we should decide is how to proceed with the Oct dates when the live program ends.

Personally I think we should maintain some form of internal WIP even if we would stop with selling food and hosting externally on the square. Tau is also in need of much love so we can do indoor WIPs as well.


@Frihamnstorget everyones input is called for here.

Since we have a long term contract now YESSSSSS!!! HURRRAAAYYYYYY! :partying_face: I think it’s about time we sit down together and do some visioning and planning for the coming months.

We can ask questions like:

  • what are our individual plans at the square this autumn/winter? (BAAM, Theodor and the sauna crew, Nicke and Jakob…)
  • how can we create synergies between our activities to make a stronger impact on the space?
  • what do we want to invite into the square in terms of activities, projects, people?

@bobspeakman, @Nicke, @jakobskote,
@SimianSon, @Simon, @Frida_Simon, @cecilia_ulfsdotter


I’d love to see some kind of autumn-themed and winter-themed “markets” or just open house type exhibitions at the square that bring new people in and showcase what happens in our community. I’m thinking something like the ones at Skansen, but much smaller, and hopefully weirder. :smiley:
A chance for artists, craftspeople and tinkerers to show (and perhaps sell) some stuff they’ve created. Experimented a bit with a pop-up store from Hötorgshallen last winter, with the experiences from that day I feel confident that we could pull together a few well coordinated and special market-days.


Sure! I’m in for a meeting xx

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It’s find it difficult to host WIP when we have no materials at the square, and no budget for materials. So there is this feeing of making it up as we go along which makes it hard to create things of value, I generally find the stuff made at WIP to be pretty low quality, which is understandable because it’s a learning activity, but it makes it hard to put my money into providing materials for the the outputs.
Switching to a more paid workshop model would allow us to actually have a better plan and be able to make some nice things.

Up for a meeting
Shall we bring back the weekly Wednesday tau meeting and we have a frihamnstorget crew there?


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I have life drawing on Wednesdays but I’m up for joining regular meeting on FT every now and then as I now will run GT on FT

I could join if its on the morning on Wednesdays tho