WIP #3 Friday 5th of June - 12-20.00

We meet EVERY FRIDAY to work, play and eat delicious BBQ meals at our own square in Frihamnen!

Come and help create a new part of Stockholm together with us… Open to anyone and everyone.

  • WHEN: Drop-in between 12:00-20.00. Come and leave as you wish.

  • FOOD: A soup LUNCH and a burger and hot dog DINNER (also vegan options) will be available to buy between 13-14 and 18-20. Swish or cash payment. You are of course very welcome to bring your own food!

  • WORK ORIENTATION: This will happen during lunch at 14:00. For people arriving at other times just ask to talk to whoever is hosting at the time and they will connect you with an ongoing project.

  • WHAT TO BRING: You and your friends + something to drink and/or add to the grill! We also recommend working gloves and anything else you might need to feel comfortable being outside (sun glasses, sunscreen, windproof jacket

There will be now be weekly rather than monthly Work Is Play-events at Frihamnstorget!
I have created all these new events now on Facebook stretching into November.

Sign up for this Friday here: https://www.facebook.com/events/239384693874652/?event_time_id=272675770545544

I will prepare food for this gathering. A soup for lunch and hamburgers/hot dogs for dinner. The food will be sold (pay with Swish or cash). You can of course also bring your own food!
Same goes for drinks. There will be folköl and some sodas available to buy, otherwise bring your own.

Food will be sold between 13-14 and 18-20.

Work orientation meeting will happen at 14.

Anyone arriving at another time will have to ask the host (this time that will be me) about what there is to join and help out with.

16:00 to 17:00 Plan Future “Work is Play”

If you are interested and able please join workgroup with @mariaeuler to draw up a schedule for work is play for the coming weeks. (would especially invite those with existing projects on the space, as we then can plan and communicate how to use the days to help them.)


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There will also be spontaneous “How to Sign up for the Blivande forum in under 2 minutes”-workshops happening randomly throughout the day!

A successful referral of a hitherto unregistered person, present at WIP, will win you a free beverage of your own choice. Whoever can gather the most signups during the event will win a free meal for the next event (+ eternal glory and so on and so forth).


Grrrreat! Looking forwards! The link above leads to a webinar on participation? @hampus

The secret experience has a few things we would love to get help with on Friday. Where can we post tasks for WIP? I also have some ideas for the whole square, like setting up a watering system for the plants (like maybe a hose that can be connected somewhere…)



@NinaLindberg Please post it here https://forum.blivande.com/t/to-do-list-for-frihamnstorget-wiki/1114 :). And maybe quickly sit down with us to plan the future work is play event on friday 16:00 to use these community of helping hands most effectively :slight_smile:


Fixed! Thanks!

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