WIKI: The stringlights or "rovslingor" at Frihamnstorget


Blivande has invested in a system of string lights to provide for the basic general lighting of the square. Due to financial limitations we haven’t been able to buy everything in one go but will incrementally add to the system as money flow allows. We hope to have the whole system up and running before the start of spring 2021. What we have now is a first iteration consisting of 3 strings totalling 150 meters, with one bulb per meter.

The bulbs are of two different kinds and differ in luminous power (lumens or lm) and color temperature (kelvin or K) depending on desired effect and function. Most lights will be of the weaker 70 lm warm-white version (2200 K).

Purpose of this thread

The purpose of this post is to inform any Frihamnstorget crew member with enough facts so as to be able to act on their own initiative in case of the need for changes or repairs to the system. @hampus is the guide for this responsibility and the person to tag/contact in case of questions.

System specifications:

Model: Ljusslinga Flatkabel B22

  • 45 m (13 m) - outside circle 1, low
  • 50 m (8 m) - outside circle 2, low
  • 45 m (8 m) - inside circle, 1 low

( ) = length of extra cable before first bulb.

Socket type: B22
Manufacturer: Star Trading
Bulbs used:

The vast majority of our bulbs will be made from “unbreakable” polycarbonate plastic. Any new bulb purchased should be made from PC.

Historical orders for reference with prices and article numbers:
Orderbekräftelse_lampgrossen_1.pdf (Strings + test bulbs) Orderbekräftelse_lampgrossen_2.pdf (Bulbs)


Where are the bulbs located ? if i får lite feeling och en bra lucka att sätta upp bulbs på. Är inte bästa stegklättraren men kommer nog åt på många ställen / F - redo

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I haven’t been to the house since the last batch was delivered but I would guess that they were placed in the Berns storage.

People with access there:

In any case it would be good to move the bulbs to the Beckmans container shelves so that they are more accessible at the square. They are worth a lot of money though so important that the container is not left unlocked as much as it has been in the past.

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Bulbs are in the middle entrance two boxes!

Probably won’t be back until after New year, if we set a collective day I can come and play though.

Monday night light effort.
Merry Christmas from Labyrint Royal


Yaay! Great work! :metal:

Tydligen har de slocknat enlig Hugi? Vet inte varför dock. Skall inte in till stan på ett tag dock.