WIKI: Tau member storage in "Rydbergs"


Each Tau member is eligible for personal storage. Storage space is of course a very limited resource in our house so it’s important that a good and transparent system is in place to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to work on projects over time and safeguard that private tools and equipment is not misplaced or damaged in between their planned usage.

Up until now storage has taken place a few different places in Tau in a rather improvized fashion but as we’ve grown it’s become high time to evolve this setup into something that works better and can accommodate further growth in membership.

Purpose of this thread

This post is a description of the new setup, both in terms of its physical space and the policies that comes with its use. Its purpose is to inform all Tau members the “how, what, where and why” of storage in the context of Tau.

As a WIKI thread this first post will evolve with time as we collectively find ways to optimize and update Tau to any given point in time. As of now @hampus will be the guide for the responsibility of maintaining the Tau storage room but this could change over time. Always contact the guide of a particular responsibility before making changes to related WIKI posts such as this one.

Storage system and room

  • The room marked “Rydbergs” on the door (glass walls) will be our new dedicated private storage room.

  • All shelves - apart from the top and bottom shelves - are 100% dedicated to Blivande members.

  • There are a total of 35 private storage compartments on the different shelves in the storage room.

  • The boundaries of where one private storage space ends and another begins is marked with black tape.

  • Any member using a compartment on the shelves needs to clearly mark the space with their name. Write on a piece of masking tape on the side of the shelf itself or directly mark your boxes/items.

  • Unmarked items will be removed on a monthly basis and in such cases Blivande does not take any responsibility for the potential loss of, or damage to, said items.

  • Each storage space measures ~80 cm in width which correlates to the space necessary to fit in two (2) 60x40 cm Euroboxes or equivalent.

Stackable and EUR-pallet compatible Euroboxes is our recommended storage box and we encourage our members to acquire such boxes for themselves as Blivande cannot afford to buy them centrally at this time.


Specialty items and exceptions:

  • Certain large and custom objects such as half-finished artworks will not always fit in a space efficient way inside the shelved storage room. Such items will have be discussed individually and on a case-by-case basis.

  • Flat, board materials that needs to be stored in an upright position have their own dedicated space in the corridor by the main entrance to Tau from Pillar room in the middle of the house. Do communicate beforehand if planning to bring these types of materials to the house as space is indeed limited. This very thread is a great place to communicate and get an answer.

FYI: @taumembers

Great! I have more stuff there now than recommended, and have just gone in to isolation before christmas, so ill come deal with my things and reduce some space after the holidays.


What about the shelves and cupboards in the corner room?

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Great thread ! Much needed ! Thank you @hampus :pray:

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Yes there is a plan! There will be some more narrow shelfs on the other side in rydbergs but they need to first be carefully taken down, the rest of the shelfsystem we use in rydbergs is in the corner room next to sewing room. (The one you are talking about) But first the owners of the stuff on those shelfs must move them to their designated places in rydbergs. Please do not move other people’s stuff, there is time for fixing this! No stress! Still need to remove some forgotten stuff in rydbergs to make this happen. So now when this post is done properly and they are some guidelines we can start asking people to clear their stuff. Same goes for people that have stuff hidden here and there.
Plan is getting the same shelfsystem in that room complete an correctly mounted. And maybe use more aesthetic shelfs and so on outside in tau. Generally many shelfs have been quite fast and not so nicely mounted in tau. Looks really bad in some places.

And remember it’s Christmas and covid19 so loads of people will not be in tau or blivande. I think giving this until end of February is quite reasonable. Please follow the lost and found thread also, there we can post all unidentified stuff. And please do not throw or sort stuff that is not yours! Take care of your stuff not others!!! There is time to fix this!

Is this for the personal art supplies also?, I was planning to bring my paintings and easel at some point <3


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In this case a lot of the things on the shelves belong to @Alex.Colard and as a fixed space member of that room he has a right to use part of that wall area for storage. Just to clarify that he doesn’t have to move the stuff per se but rather get a new shelf to replace the existing one when it’s moved.

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Thank you @hampus

I am occupying the 3 top shelves and the black printer on the lower shelf

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awesome! anyone want to group together and order some euroboxes in a group?

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Yes ofc i did not know they were a part of a flx space (think no one actually knew that) the shelfs were there a long time gathering loads of stuff same as other non permanent solutions and multiple members have asked about It once now in the chat by @FridaW.

And to be clear I meant replace them with a better solution already got some elfa shelfs that might work better there, and ofc se how the system in rydbergs work, sadly that system is old and we got no possibility to buy more parts/expand it so we must focus on getting one system complete there was actually the reason shoe shelfs were moved, and same reason we will probably need those parts that are built up in that room.

But if it’s a permanent place of a member then that must be planed with that member and with their permission.

This actually raises the issue of what parts in tau are parts of a fixed space and fixed space storage. @hampus is it possible to have a map of that so all can se where and what is what?

Not long ago same issue was raised in the chat.

Let’s have a look and find some nice shelfs and a nice place to put them for you! Maybe we can find something that works better for you, might be possible to get you something with a lock. There is no stress (after holidays) We can look around when there is time. Important is that it works for you and that it’s clear that it’s your space.

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Ok, thank you