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Hello people! I drafted a wiki for the different national efforts to fight covid19. It’s obviously open source and made to add and change. Any thoughts?

I would like to include makerspace but I can’t find any good info for how to support or help.

This facebook group is worth mentioning:

[Corona - Hjälp till med inköp av livsmedel till riskgrupper!]

It’s a good initiative, but the choice of the fandom wiki perhaps isn’t ideal. It’s a little confusing to scroll to the end of the site and see all those game graphics.

One thing you could do is to migrate the wiki to this forum. You can make any post on the forum into a wiki, and the forum uses markdown. Since we already collect a lot of valuable instructions and blueprints here, much of that work has already been started.

We’re cross posting from this forum to Edgeryders, where we have a long tradition of using the forum for wikis, like the Green Travel Manual and the Reef Wiki.

This is how you make a post on the forum into a wiki:

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I also too the liberty of moving this post to the sub forum for covid-19 fighting efforts.

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Thank you, yes, Hampus also mentioned the same thing, to move it here. I just considered it a draft in a form that I knew how to work with. Will look into migrating it here later today


Don’t forget to add me on FB as well! Good work and happy to see it ending up here.

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This is a wiki for the national efforts to fight off the effects of Covid-19.

Right now, the biggest urgency is the shortage of protective gear - foremost in hospitals and elderly care homes. 20 000 pieces of PPE is needed in Stockholm - alone. On a national level, see the section for [WeFightCovid], and in Stockholm, go to the section for [Personal Protective Equipment]

However, this wiki gathers information of all levels. If you know of an initiative, feel free to add a page! If you don’t know how to do so, just send en email to covidrelief AT

National support


WeFightCovid is the largest source for information and action coordination on a national level. For volunteers, politicians and entrepreneurs. Information in Swedish: är ett ideellt initiativ som samordnar privatpersoner, företag och myndigheter i Sverige för att stötta våra svenska sjukhus och öka kapaciteten inom svensk sjukvård.

Facebook: #WeFightCovid

Homework aid (läxhälp)

Gratis läxhjälp online - coronahjälpen (fb)


Telehelp is a new initiative that gathers information about the location of people in high risk groups and volunteers who may help with shopping and other things.

Genom att skriva upp dig som volontär kan personer som ingår i riskgrupper eller som redan är smittade av corona i ditt närområde ringa till dig för att få hjälp med sysslor som plötsligt blivit svåra på grund av coronakrisen, exempelvis att handla mat eller hämta ut mediciner. (från deras hemsida)

Regional support


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective gear is done at a volunteer level at Blivande and Makerspace.

Blivande (Frihamnen)

Blivande is an art collective that has transformed their workshops into a DIY production for protective gear.

Join us at Blivande to make visors and medical gowns for health care professionals fighting COVID-19. Regular people wanting to make a difference are working in shifts. Sign up or just show up if you are without any symptoms. Where: Södra Hamnvägen 9, Stockholm When: 09:00 to 21:00, every day

Are you wondering how you can take action that directly makes a difference during the crisis? Join us at Blivande producing visors and medical gowns for health care and elderly care professionals fighting COVID-19 on the front lines. We need VOLUNTEERS, materials and money. You can SWISH to 123 090 77 66 but please make sure to write “Donation Corona” in the message. Please consider signing up for a shift or two if you are able and without any symptoms. We have been told the current rate of use for these medical gowns is around 20,000 per day in Stockholm, and our doctors, nurses and carers are in acute need of more.

Daily updates from their FB-group: Blivande - Crisis Response


Material sourcing:

Corona- Hjälp till att samla materiel till VÅRDEN- Samordnad Privat insats (fb)


Aimo Elbilar

Aimo is a car sharing service that offers 2 hours free car per week for those who drive out food to high risk groups.

“Vi på aimo vill hjälpa dig att hjälpa Hjälper du människor i riskgrupper att handla mat, medicin eller andra ärenden? Tack för att du finns! För att underlätta för dig att fortsätta stötta riskgrupper, vill vi bjuda på 2 timmar gratis körning med våra aimo-bilar – varje vecka under hela april. aimo är en bildelningstjänst med 300 elbilar runt om i Stockholm. Med aimo-konto kan du plocka upp en bil när som helst, och lämna den precis var du vill när du kört klart.” Från deras hemsida



Corona - Hjälp till med inköp av mat odyl till riskgrupper södra Stockholm

Coronahjälp i Nynäshamn


Corona - Hjälp till med inköp av livsmedel till riskgrupper, Göteborg! (fb)


No initiatives known in Malmö yet.


Handlingshjälpen i Gagnef (fb)


Corona - hjälp i Kungälv med omnejd


Hjälpgrupp Corona Falun

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I have to say I miss the function of the table of contents that provide a direct overview of the different regions. And I’m also thinking that it’s also a shame if anyone can’t edit it without signing up to the forum.

But you think it will be more updated and circulated here?

You can still make a table of content. Just make it the first Wiki-post and then make consecutive posts in a row that contain each chapter. Simply add links in the Index that points directly to the pages that follow it.

There’s a link to this post button under each post. The chain link symbol that says “Share”.

I’m sure @hugi has other tips for how to best structure a bigger Wiki using Discourse as a platform. Maybe there are Edgeryders Wikis already in place where we could simply copy and paste the structure?


By clicking THIS LINK you will be taken to your initial post in this thread. And by clicking THIS ONE you are taken to your first Wiki test draft.

Yes, making a ToC is possible. Here is a guide:

It is however not automatic as it is with some other wikis.

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