Who are you?


we are extremely happy to have you guys here!

From @ragnarl we know that you guys have quite diverse and interesting backgrounds and jobs on top of your courses!

Please all comment below with:

1. Your name
2. Your background and/or current job
3. A hobby/interest of yours

This can help you to potentially come together in future and also will help us to add all of your usernames to the restricted course group that you can use for client work.

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my name is Alex Colard, i am a TAU member with a desk in the corner at the end of the building.

I was born in France, moved to New York when i was twenty years old, studied at Parsons The New School and worked in the art and architecture field for eleven years. I moved to Stockholm in 2017 and decided it was time to be a professional artist. I focuses on acrylic, spray paint artworks that represent concepts, ideas and symbols.

I love to gather people to my exhibitions, nineteen in the past three years, i love to share other people’s work, with my facebook groups, and also apply my architecture skills to help Frihamnstorget grow.

i am open to work on paying projects, please have a look at my online presence, thank you

Alex Colard


:black_medium_small_square:Online shop:


:black_medium_small_square:Facebook Page:

:black_medium_small_square:Facebook Groups:
Art exhibitions in Stockholm:

Diary of a French Artist in Stockholm:

:black_medium_small_square:YouTube Channel:


(+46) 728425659

@MariaEuler @ragnarl

Hello @Alex.Colard,

Thank you very much for your introduction!

This specific thread is theoretically for the students of the two university courses working the Plato project to introduce themselves to each other and us.

They are working/studying in cultural project management and therefore are surely also interested to get to know the artists in the wider community here.

The tread for our TAU artists to introduce themselves to each other is generally this one:

This is actually a great example for the living forum and to explain the group structures in our workshop on the 1st of October.

My name is Christian. I am studying history.


Hanna Asp
Reading, cats and food

Hi! My name is Mats. I’ve studied history at SU, and worked at museums. Writing and reading are big hobbies of mine :slight_smile:

Tove Holmkvist
I am studding at the moment and working in a restaurant.

Hello! My name is Alba. Besides studying at SU I work part time in a clothing store.


I am Saga, I’ve studied economics at Uppsala University.

I’m working as a tech rech right now.


Evelina Bravo
Background and work in Media & Communications

I´m Mette, I work as an operasinger. I have also worked with projects with other art diciplnes and projects that built networks for refrugees.

human resource management bachelor

My name is Sara Karkkonen.
I’m a musician.
I love cooking!

Johanna Thelander
Worked with film, now studying at SU
Film and music

My name is Elina Widnersson
Im a student at Stockholm University and I also work at Studiefrämjandet Stockholms län.
Im also workning as a musician.
I love pasta!

Hi, My name is Johanna. I’ve studied strategic communication at Umeå University and I’m working as a social media-coordinator. I like film and sports.

Mathilda Svalin
Diversity studies and ethnolgy

Hi, my name is Tomas, I’ve got a background in media & communications and have studied film- and arthistory.


my name is Sara and I have a background in art history and communications.

My name is Clarie and I’m a former communication student. I work as a coordinator at a non-profit organization.