Where is the yellow shop vac?

I last saw it in the laser cutter container. Its not there now. Cnc:ing will make a big mess now with no vacum. Does anyone know where it is? I have looked around at blivande but have not found it.

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@bobspeakman left it somewhere else a couple of days ago and said he would return it ASAP. Don’t know what has happened since.

We were in the container sanding and vacuuming yesterday, last bit of sanding today then it’s back.

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A note or something would have avoided me spending half an hour looking for it. I know I sometimes borrow things without letting people know, so I guess this is something for everyone to consider.


I posted it in chat, but also there is a lot of stuff in the chat I don’t read, so that’s probably not reliable enough :confused:
I’ve added post it notes to my shopping list.