🗨 What's up with you? Blivande community chat

Hello dear people!

I figured we should try out a general chat thread on the forum here.

We are doing something similar on Edgerdyers Campfire for a few months and it actually works rather well.

Just treat this thread as you would a chat. Shoot in quick questions or “status updates”

maybe you feel especially good or bad right now and want to share it?

Maybe you forgot something in the house or want to ask a question about something happening the same day?

The goal is to have this going on as a quick and dirty thread which all of us can quick check and use regularly.

It is pinned to the Blivande forum so you can access it quickly :slight_smile:

It the in between between the facebook chat and the proper forum post :))


boo baa blliii blaaa blooo bluuu bah i got to bed really late last night and i am feeling groggy.

my daily routine is so fixed so that if anything changes, like, i even taste alcohol or stay out a bit late the world is upside down. rrrrrrrrrouuuuutttiiinneeeeeeee.

and oh if someone wants to lend their car for a night that would be a-amazing!

Also, this is fun, forum chatting. it’s like flashback.


I’ve been working on sending documentation to our land lord to ask for a temporary rent decrease. Not fun work, but it’s done, so now we wait and see.

I’ve also been working a lot on Babel Between Us recently, which is going really well. :slight_smile:


the weather is great currently. Took the oportunity on saturday to take a few pictures of frihamnstorget for 3d sketching. You can find those here:


Kind of enjoying working from home, or at least I was until I accidentally took a nose dive into the news surrounding covid last week and at that point I got very anxious and my whole week was terrible.
Stepped back and am feeling better and sleeping better which is good. God I feel terrible for people whos jobs it is to constantly monitor the news


My husbands company just extended home office until 1st of October.
Before that they had anounced week to week how they planned to proceed. I think laying out a plan like this so people can adjust to it is a good thing.
That has very practical forms like, we will now get a second desk so the dinner table can be used again. We will now also adjust to that emotionally. Luckily we actually enjoy the increased time with each other but knowing that this will continue like this at least until October makes us plan and structure differently and not just continue to go week by week.

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We are on work from home until ??? We have a minimum of until the end of May but if 50 people are not allowed in the same space at the same time does that extend to large office spaces too? There are no real guidelines on this at the moment.

Hello everybody,
I’m just writing to say hi :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: :rainbow:
I’ve been planning to come to Blivande and Tau for a month already, but somehow the mini office I have set up at home, keeps me here.
Anyhow, just hope you guys are safe and I hope to see you soon :heart:


Feel free to say hi and connect here at any time. While many people work from home this can be a place to just share a thought or feeling and connect :).

We hope to see you soon again too :). Have you already seen the anouncement for the work and play day at the end of the month?

Hey Arturo! Nice to hear from you again. Do come by some time! The work is play days are always a good time… There will be a welding course happening soon that you might want to check out as well.


Yeah defo joining the next work is play!!!

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Here the thread on the work is play:

Just want to mention it here.
Grammerly always tries to correct “Blivande” to “Blade”


I approve of grammerly