What's on this week?

Hi everyone! I’m taking the responsibility of making sure we cover as much as possible of what is going in each week for our social media channels. Super important to showcase the different amazing stuff that’s happening!

So, please comment with your plans/projects/events for the upcoming week, and the day and time, and as long as you’re comfortable, we’ll hopefully get someone along to be your cheerleader and snap some photo/video <3

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How are we dealing with work is play this Friday, since it is midsommar on Saturday. Maybe that is clear to some.people already, but we should communicate it also officially. :slight_smile:

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Yeah there won’t anything happening. I just tried to cancel the individual event but apparently that cancels the whole series. So now I’ve recreated the events.

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A great thing to document this week (Mon-Wed) is Jomi and I rebuilding the woodshop. Best photo-ops will probably happen on Wed or even better next week. But it might be good to snap some pictures also during the process for “before&after” comparisons. @kimgajraj