What have we been up to prior to joining Tau?

Just thought it would be nice with a thread here where we presented some of the stuff we’ve done in the past. Could be however short or detailed as you wish. A complete portfolio or just an image from years back of something small you made or co-created…

Here’s a short video clip from a bio-feedback installation I did with my friend Nir at Midburn in 2015. The dome changed color from red to blue and back in sync with your breathing while wearing a belt around your stomach. It’s on a friend’s FB profile so hopefully it’s publicly accessible.

Some other burner related stuff I’ve built or co-created. The first was an artsy kitchen for my camp in 2016: 13938249_10153595938896946_4475429393349521919_o

The second a hand-shaped sculpture that became an effigy for BL 2017.


I know a bit about tailoring and I make clothes (men’s clothes to be specific). Here’s a picture from my graduation collection: all looks are pattern cut and sewn by myself, including hats and bags.
I also paint.

I have never actually had the opportunity to do collaborative art. :frowning:
I really want to.

I can help with:

  • sewing : if you have fabrics or costumes in your project that need putting together, I would be happy to help. I would also like to hold workshops in sewing/making basic clothes if people are interested.
  • painting : if you need assistance in painting (watercolour, acrylic, oil), I would be happy to help.

I would like help with:

  • I want to delve into sculpture: clay and woodwork. Would love to learn and collaborate, or learn through assisting.


  • I am looking into creating something for Borderland. Embryo stage in ideas, I don’t want to speak too soon, but will most likely post at a later day with a project proposal.
  • I am also keen on helping out with your projects, if you need extra hands.

I have a background in computational design and digital fabrication cough nerdy architecture cough. Like building large burnable or reactive blinky things for burns. Specific interest in foldable materials (phd is on how to approximate doubly-curved surfaces from flat sheet material). More projects on http://www.alscherer.com/

Some projects as of late include:

Galaxia temple Burning Man 2018

Kinetikami - borderland openign 2017:

“Floreplay” borderland opening ceremony 2016: https://vimeo.com/177478097


Woaaahhhhhh. This. Is. Epic.

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I have a small welding company in Södertälje and I work on small metal custom designs up to big infrastructure projects. I do prototyping aside with 3D printing and CAM and I have experience with almost all kinds of materials,as well in electrics and a basic knowledge in electronics. I am not especially creative myself but I can teach (especially welding) and help others to reach their goals.
As a reference, I built the flame throwing steel tree for Playaground at Borderland 2017. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures.
I can also contribute with machines since I am running out of space in my workshop, for example this (www.maslowcnc.com) 2.5D CNC router which I was planing to equip with a laser and plasma cutter as well.


Would be really lovely if you wanted to run a paid welding course outside of Blivande this spring/summer @elch

And welcome to Tau as our latest member!

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Can do the welding course, we just have to check on power (min 2x16A 3 phase)

is the welding course still on the table? i would love to attend!

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It’s still on the table but we have to fix the table first


Hello! I’m interested in joining Studio Tau. I’m American and have lived in Stockholm for the past year. I moved here after having lived in Chicago for five years while completing art school. I create sculptures in wood and metal, and have worked professionally in both an instructional woodshop (first time woodworkers) and in a custom fabrication studio (https://www.bridgewaterstudio.net). I can be helpful to others when it comes to furniture construction and basic tool use. I also have experience with HPLV painting, mold making, resin finishing and powder coating.

I am interested in using the workshop at Tau to complete sculptures, but am also interested in the community that surrounds it. I miss having an artistic community and am trying to better understand Stockholm as a creative hub. Please see below for pictures of my work.






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Hi @asapienza! Great to hear from you and read up on your work. We’re all just on our way back now from an event in Denmark where we (@annielocke, @elch and many others) among other things, built “The Temple of Tokamak”, which was prefabricated and painted at Tau.


We’ll be getting the tools and machines back into place (some of the woodworking stuff temporarily went to the build site in Denmark) so this week is a bit hectic. Would you like to meet us next week? Would love to talk!

Thanks for the quick reply! The structure looks beautiful. I’ll be gone during the week, but back on the 12th. Is it possible to meet on the 13th or 14th around 18:30?

Yes, lets say 18:30 on the 13th!

Hello and most welcome @asapienza!

Looking forward to meet you (and sorry for not replying to your email quicker). Glad you found your way here to the forum instead. If I can I will join you and Hugi on the 13th!

Stay tuned for the upcoming Tau event too where you get the chance to meet other members over a meal and some fixing of the shared spaces. I’l make sure to tag you in the coming post here on the forum.

BTW check out fellow Beta/Tau members Mars’ stuff: http://www.mars-hwasung.com/
Speaking of furniture and lighting construction. And your would-be Tau neighbours @MariaEuler and Simon’s websites here: http://mariaeuler.com/
The https://www.kluster.house/ group will also be spending a lot of time in the house lead by Tau and Beta member @Thedodod

@asapienza - are you planning to come today? It would work even better for me to do an hour earlier at 17:30. How’s your schedule?

Hey! Yes I’m still planning on coming, but I leave work at 5:30. I should be able to get there by 6:00/6:10. You can reach me at 72 923 95 51 if you need. Thank you!

Perfect. See you then!

Hi there! I’ve joined beta in September and sneaked into the tau electronics lab a few times already, but still waiting to meet @jonasjohansson who did such a great job setting it up.

My business develops simulation software for automated manufacturing - mostly for people who can’t afford to waste material, break things or crash machines too often, like those making parts for Airbus. As it turns out, reality sometimes stubbornly refuses to agree with what those expensive machines (or my software) think about it, so I started designing affordable small sensors. Like these little guys that were actually completed last week in tau:

Most things I make are rather tiny; my lab fits into a lunchbox, more or less. Therefore, I’d be interested to contribute to tau some capability to make or modify relatively small mechanical parts, with reasonable accuracy. But that’s perhaps for another thread.

Admittedly, my artistic talents are sorely lacking. However, I’d be glad to help out with number juggling if you need know how much glassfiber or which airfoil to use for that flashy whirling installation you’re planning. Or some such. I’m usually to be found in the upstairs living room by the big windows :slight_smile:


Hi there! Welcome :slight_smile: Thank you for the kind words, if you have ideas for the space, please go for it or let me know and we can ideate together (you find my Messenger here www.jonasjohansson.se along with email).

Am I correct in understanding you are software and hardware engineer focused on mechanical contraptions?

When you say “completed in tau”, what step did you actually make at Tau, as far as I know we don’t have equipment for designing PCB’s or even 3d printing.

The sensors look sweet!

I’d love also to chat about materials :slight_smile:

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