What do we do about the dome?

Our dear dome is currently taking up a lot of space while not adding very much to the square. This has been brought up by others before, and I think we should do something about it.

I propose that we decide this week to do one of two things:

  1. Take it down and free up more space on the square for the summer, allowing people to build smaller things and more room for dance and play

  2. Make it into a refuge from the sun, while still not having it fully covered (we can’t leave the cover on all summer, as it would make it too dirty). @MariaEuler has proposed to hang hammocks in there and partially cover it.

If we come to a decision this week, that is a perfect focus for WIP on Friday. Thoughts?

Yeah we’ve had an ongoing discussion about it for quite some time now, mainly in-person at the WIPs.

The suggestion that I’ve proposed is to raise it up 2.5 m by the use of @elch 's pipes as vertical supports (planting vines in them) in combination with horizontal metal chains attached to container corners (to keep it from moving sideways + allowing for other things to be hung from the chains).

I’ll make a separate post about it when I have a sketch of what it would look like.

This would allow us to keep it there (both for shade and rain protection when needed) without the current drawback and main criticism of the “walls” segmenting the “courtyard”.
One would be able to move/drive freely underneath it (as long as the pipes are avoided).

Raising the dome will also make it much more visible from the outside which I think will be an improvement aesthetically to the square.

HOWEVER: An economical drawback will be that its new height will make some kind of rented skylift necessary for the mounting and dismounting of the canvas. Safety-wise and workload-wise it would be an upgrade though. And were we to start counting man hours as a real cost than it might not be that much more expensive than the traditional “all hands on deck” approach we’ve relied on so far. I will look into what nearby options we have for renting such equipment (Cramo/Ramirent/Hyresmaskiner etc).

It would also be more expensive (2-3000 SEK) to dismount it for BL.

What we need in order to make this happen:

  1. A decision to pursue this idea (after a sketch has been presented).

  2. An OK from the owner of the dome (Giles Golding). Will check this week.

  3. Budget clearance (I can take time this week to discuss the costs involved with @elch)

  4. Time. I want to finish the woodshop with Jomi before taking this on physically and it’s also heavily reliant on @elch and his availability.

It follows from the points above that I don’t think it’s a good focus in terms of actionable work already for this WIP.

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I really like the idea, it would look very cool, but I’m not sure it’s the best use of our resources.

Our main income from the square will happen in 2021, and we should be making investments that will stay. Since the Space is likely to return to the Borderland in 2021, it won’t stay at FT, leaving just the raised pillars. Substantial investments in FT need to be things that will stay for the event season in 2021.

There is also the fact that the summer of 2021 is going to have to be a very busy and active season for us. We don’t want to have to rebuild the square in the middle of the season. Both because it impacts the program, but also because it would leave us with an empty hole in the middle of the square unless we then invest additional resources in a replacement. Better then to figure out a solution that can stay for 2021.

It’s not so much the dirt as the UV that breaks down the fabric.

On this topic: A month or two ago I visited our neighboring company in Frihamnen, Yacht Technics Kapellmakeri, whose business is creating sails and fabric covers for boats. They are in the middle of their high season right now but are open to help us after August if we were to want to make our own. I couldn’t get a price estimate then. I believe Giles paid around 50 000 KSEK for the original one using a company in the UK.

@Joannis-Magnus has been wanting to test different shade ideas by the means of cheap triangular shades bought at Biltema. They cost 300 kr for 5x5x5 meters.


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I am actually working on different designs for the pillars. I am trying to keep it mobile as possible but same time strong enough that the harbour has no reason to complain. I think we can raise the dome and take it down with the forklift, even for decoration. I would bring it up in the meeting tomorrow cause I thought we could maybe finance it as a dream. We could also build them on a WIP Friday.

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Ah, I didn’t know that. Good! Let’s see where it takes us then.

This, of course, depends a lot on the budget. This sounds expensive, and I’m still concerned about what will happen in 2021. But if there are ways to keep costs low and still avoid disrupting the 2021 season, then let’s look into it.

We should consider investing in ideas that:

  • Bring us value and possibilities for 2021
  • Make the square look and feel awesome this summer and next summer
  • Have a lot of “pow” on the sketch stage, so that we can use the sketches on Dreams to attract funding

Material costs is around 5k including anti rust paint. I think we should do it asap cause it makes the dome much more usable

That’s for the pillars, and then another 3000 to lift it up, and then another 3000 later to dismount it. Is that correct?

my design doesn’t need a skylift, can be raised and lowered with the forklift or even just by hand (with enough hands)

That does indeed make it a lot more appealing! Great work! :slight_smile: