Welcoming new people to the forum


This thread is where we welcome new sign-ups on the forum. It’s sort of like how you welcome people walking through the doors at your drop-in party.

So let’s welcome @mpj, @Frida, @Filippacquee, @Mikael, @ikollai and @Per_Dahlgren!

I’m Hugi. I’m one of the people running House Blivande, the other being @hampus, @Linnea, @Sero and @CindyLarsen. I’m also involved in The Borderland event, a director of the social enterprise Edgeryders and occasional programmer. Now I’d love to know who you are and what brought you here.


I’m Brooks. I’m at Blivande to participate in the spidery activities of cultural value streams as they flow to and from many networks including the Borderland and Edgeryders.

Which currently means lots of laptop work with applications and budgets and teleconferences. Hopefully down the road more time spent in Tau building stuff.
I also do the occasional workshop.


hi, i’m peder. i’ve been running a digital agency for the last 11 years, making apps, websites, digital services and some digital/physical installations. i sold the agency to some of the employees recently, and moved in as beta member today.

unclear what’s next. i have ~1 million ideas, of which some will turn out doable and some will not. i know the digital landscape very well and could easily make a good living off it, but my main aim for the next 12 months is to think outside the digital box.

first time i visited noden about 18 months ago, i got the feeling that this is an environment where people make amazing things, for the right reasons. i hope to be able to involve some of you in my projects, and that i get to be part of something you guys do.

i’m very happy to help out if can, but i’m also new to the whole burner culture so i might need a little guidance on tonality and execution in the beginning.