Welcome to a What's-everyone-up-to-meeting


I was genuinely looking forward to this and I’m sad to see that it’s been cancelled. :pensive:
I fully understand why though. This is the second time in a row that Peder’s initiative ends up being left hanging in the air to eventually fall to the ground from a lack of response. This is a worrying signal as to the current vitality of our community (or rather community in the making).

I’m also not without fault in this as I had promised to mail out a reminder about this event to all of our members. Something I ended up forgetting while trying to tend to some of the fires of tonight’s party. I’m sorry about that Peder!

For various reasons our efforts towards long-term community building (this dinner being an example of what we set out to arrange at least once a month) has been temporarily set aside to give focus to more short-term pressing issues. This is of course not sustainable as the community is the very raison d’être of Blivande, which our success or failure ultimately rests on.

There are plenty of other co-working places (or makerspaces) to choose from if what we have to offer is not more than just that. Luckily enough we do have much more to offer and great synergetic evenings like that of yesterday provide a glimpse into that. But we need more of it and have plenty of nurturing and nudging to do ahead of us.

Fundamentally though we very much need your help in this if we are to succeed with this experiment. We all have to show up, in however way or form that we want to or can. Not every day or every time, but regularly. Here online yes, but more importantly physically in the house. And especially when someone is taking a clear initiative to create something for our collective benefit!

This is especially true for Tau which is and have always been a collaborative bottoms-up project in the vein of Borderland and Urban Burn, co-created by its members from start to finish. It won’t happen unless you make it so as a community working together. The ones of us directly involved with Blivande will do our very best to help facilitate but we can’t do it alone. And even if we could it would defeat the whole purpose. Today I spent a couple of hours putting in new door handles for the textile and future painting room and clearing out some of the clutter while Linnéa vaccuumed. And Joannis big PA now stands in the much improved techno temple! Things are progressing, slowly but steadily. But we need more hands on deck if we are to have a functional space before summer.

Much hangs in the balance this first fragile year. Let’s all help push this thing in the direction of joy, purpose and community!

You’re all invited to come and have dinner with Hugi, Linnéa and I on Monday evening at 19. Hope to see some you there despite the short notice. There will be a potluck dinner announced shortly for a later date.

Also the whole of next weekend the house will be full with 33 great people from all over Europe attending the Co-creative Leadership Development Program. Good opportunity to come in for some work and then hang out in the evening.


Also there’s a good party happening in the house tonight: https://www.facebook.com/events/470374400371620/
As Beta and Tau members you’re all invited to come for free, just call me at +46736564421 and I’ll get you in.

(Sorry Patrik, I know you’ve bought a ticket already! Emin on the other hand could really use all the help he can get, and will most likely lose money on this evening…)


A great evening it turned out to be!

When are we having the next one? And what flavor soup will it entail this time around? Maybe a Swedish classic home-made pea soup followed by a pancake dessert? Good combo with the Free Flow downstairs if we do it on a Thursday as tradition has it.


great indeed! amazing soup + company. looking forward to the next one.

how often do you we see this happening, like monthly or even more often? i guess we need to find the sweet spot that it doesn’t matter if you miss an evening, since another one will be happening soonish. but yet not often enough that people make the effort of putting it in their calendars.


Originally we planned for minimum of once a month. Now we’re also launching WIP evenings on Fridays (Work Is Play) which will also feature sharing a meal together combined with doing something practical and/or creative together.