Welcome to a What's-everyone-up-to-meeting


Are you a member of Beta, or Tau, and feel like sharing what you’re up to? Let’s meet up for an hour to share, and see if we can use/help each other somehow. If you, like myself, are thinking about doing projects out of your normal comfort zone/area of expertise - this could be a good way to see if:

  • the idea resonates with someone else
  • someone has anyone in their phone book who can help
  • the project can grow or change direction in an unforseen way

Openness and helpfulness are two factors I’d like for us to embrace.

Let’s together tweak the format until we have something that works for future meetups. I’ll make a suggestion for a simple agenda and bring some cookies for this first meeting.

Room: the one downstairs with the small stage, not sure what it’s called.
When: Tuesday 8th of April, 11.00
Let me know if this is good or bad time for you; the meeting is pointless if I’m there alone.


Congregation group is not the most active, but tagging @Per_Dahlgren, @AnjM, @jonasjohansson, @Ollxor, @elch, @brooks, @Sero, @ubbesen, @dsandber, @Nicke and @Jan_vL

I will be on my way back from Brussels, and so will @MariaEuler, but very happy to meet up next time!


I like this idea but have an appointment at 11 so won’t make it this time.

Another idea for future: common lunches together? Eating and sharing what were up to. Everyone bring their own lunch or we could even cook together.


Great initiative.
I can not attend daytime events as I work full time, but I am free 6 PM onwards most evenings and up for such things over the weekends.

I am thinking of suggesting or organising a dinner or hangout on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday soon as well…

There are so many of us with different time schedules though, I also think that perhaps we could create a board somewhere at Tau with our names, a picture or photo of ourselves and what we are working on/need help with and contact links? I could help out with this if the idea catches on.


I’m in.

Is this the 8th or the 9th? Cause you said Tue the 8th but Tue is the 9th.


I can’t make it before 18:00. I like the suggestions from @AnjM, that would work best for me too.


glad to get responses from everyone, thanks!

syncing schedules will be a problem. i really like @AnjM’s ideas , both a weekend dinner and the board, and am willing to help make this happen. finding a day when everyone can will be near impossible, but let’s try.

i’ve created a Doodle, please fill it out.

since no one is able to attend on the proposed cookie-fueled date this tuesday, it’s hereby cancelled. let us discuss about how to organise these things at the dinner, along with board and other practicalities. i would like to open myself up to be involved in your projects, as well as involve you in mine, and we need some kind of structure to make this happen.


Am I correct that we’re not doing the meeting this week?


@dsandber it seemed like people couldn’t attend, so i cancelled it. but am open to make an informal thing tomorrow at 11 for those who can attend, anyway. you up for it?


Hope to see you soon! I am travelling until wednesday and only available during evenings or weekend.

Hope we can have a dinner soon!


Nope, I made other plans. I’ll probably be around after 3pm or so upstairs (Beta) though – you’re welcome to come and say Hi!


with only 4 people weighing in, we’re already limited to 1 date: sun april 28th. so that’s when.
let’s meet around 5 and make dinner together + talk for a bit.
i’ll buy groceries + pick up some wine for a simple vegan dinner.

if you plan on coming, please say so below.


Great! I will be there.


I’ll be there. :sunglasses: With some food and beverage contribution also.


Both initiative, for the general meeting and the dinner are truely great! I think it would be great to meet up. I would love to be there. Sadly I was not in Sweden yesterday, and will not on the 28th :(. I answered to the poll with the dates that would work better for met. But maybe there just have to be multible smaller meetings until everyone met every one?


Go go Peder!! Thank you for this, I will be there!!


I’m also confirming that I’ll be there!


Hey folks.
Last minute plan change for me. Trying to hustle in the world of work and have interviews coming up that I need to prepare for. Just found out.
Won’t make the dinner.

Have a blast!


Seems like we’re down to myself, @Linnea and @hugi, aka a pretty normal day at the office. The idea with this gettogether was to create some new connections between members, because community is what could set this thing apart from other similar spaces.

No hard feelings at all, I get that lite happens and that it’s not easy to sync up. But dinner is cancelled. We have to figure out another way that works for more people.


Damn. I was myself surprised at the low rate of response in the poll. We need some kind of social mind hack on how to engage members more.
Yeh this is…tougher than I thought.
I don’t want to give up hope on planned Sunday dinners just yet though. Hm.
And we are trying out a Friday afterwork that is recurring.