Website as Promotion Suggestions

I’d like to better be able to use the Blivande website when people reach out to me, or in my networks, regarding space for events.

At the moment I struggle sharing the site due to lack of images (I would like way more) and clarity regarding costs. I also find that the COVID response is taking up a large chunk of the site.

Are changes/updates possible?


You are totally right. We are currently working on that and it will be updated soon.




Another thing: I would also love to have Google Analytics installed to it

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Just updated, have a look now!

Great, much better, thanks for taking some feedback to heart and also adding some of your own flavour in the mix :smiley:

As a web dev/designer I can’t help myself but to immediately go into feedback mode, so…

Some thoughts on my end:

  1. Maybe cover image can be a slide show (I personally am not a fan of slide shows, but knowing we have so much great imagery, and that this particular cover image has been around for some time, perhaps it could at the very least be a different image each time), make sure visitor is exposed to some large tasty imagery

  2. I think the flip cards in the beginning that shows the “tell me more” can go directly to the Forum Post, and that the forum posts have exaggerated typography, ie. much larger and extremely visible prices + way more images. Like if we are communicating an apartment.

  3. Before the Flip Cards I think it could be beneficial with some additional text that informs the visitor what the Flip Cards hold and also the events, something that leads us into it. The Hero text is good, but there could be a bit more following it. Also, it could include some more clear Call to Action. It’s not obvious that this is a place where you can do some serious work, you still have to kind of search for it. The less clicks the better imo, and the more we can guide the user without them searching.

For instance, the “our mission is co-creation” part is somewhat hidden and we relies on the visitor even scrolling down that far, let’s have essential information straight up.

  1. Would be nice if the whats going on-blocks where uniform in size, from hat I can tell it’s the title that doesn’t overflow: hidden

  2. Search for Events is a bit redundant.

  3. I’d put Partners and Collaborators at the bottom, it really breaks up the nice imagery atm, would be nice to simply just see the images and not have them too interupted by big blocks of either text or color.

  4. Partners and collaborators is lacking a “t”

  5. Would love a simple “Write Hugi or Hampus if you are interested in joining” - doesnt have to be your names, but this could be very clear and obvious. Might also be a call to action at the top of the forum posts.


Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Thought of this too. Just need someone to prepare a tasty slideshow!

It does go directly to the forum posts. Like “Co-work” that goes directly to 1. Co-work. And that post is a wiki, maybe have a go at exaggerating the typography?

All good thoughts and I’d love some pointers and designs sketches. UX/UI is not my strongest skill, so sketches and drawings are well received.

Yup, fixed.

Agree, hidden for now. Might bring back if we have a lot of events.

Cool, trying that now. By the way, order of the components and static material as well as some styling is configured in real-time through a config post on the forum: Blivande Website Config


More obvious than the “contact” block, or just higher up?

Scratch that, doesn’t really work to have the two parallax image blocks next to each other. I would either have to kill one or redesign. Thoughts?

New updated build online:

I’m proposing just text that guides the reader into the Flip Cards, at this point, it’s more of a content/copy question rather than layout. What I’d like to read is a motivation for me to check out the different sections, perhaps somewhat targeted/call to action in relation to me reaching out - and that’s where the contact details (which can be brief) are presented.

I get the impression that Blivande is a great community, but not necessarily one that is the right one for me. What sets it apart from the Castle, Snickeriet, Stockholm Makerspace etc. Of course, I can figure this out by reading all the posts/content, but I might as well be told why it’s vastly superior :slight_smile:

My comment was that the click-for-flip was unnecessary and that it could go immediately to the forum post. So, instead of 1) Pressing the Card and watching it flip and then 2) Seeing the “Tell me more!” button and clicking that - it directly go to the forum post.

Re: typography - adding to my “todo”!

Is this a technical thing or an image curating thing. I don’t have access to an image database, but I could help code a slideshow.

Perhaps the changes were not pushed? The Search Bar and the non-overflow:hidden is still present.

The contact block at the bottom assumes they have read so far since we REALLY want people to get in touch, I think it can be connected to a text block just before the Flip Cards.

I would skip the additional Frihamnstorget block, we want them to click it in the Flip Card, and it’s in the Forum Post that we bask in its glory.

Perhaps the parallax blocks could be given a bit more height, so they are more visible (the images). Possibly we would have to increase the drop shadow of the text as well (it’s a bit of a struggle to read - even with my 20/20 vision :stuck_out_tongue:

whoa, did my first quote. advanced :smiley:

Gotcha. Yes, some better copy would be nice!

Ah! I like the flippy-thing, so it stays for now. Maybe I’ll get rid of it when I’m bored with it or if enough people tell me it sucks. :slight_smile:

It just wasn’t auto-built yet, new build now online!

Good point. @MariaEuler, @SofiaAnner, ideas?

Yeah, maybe. I’ll give it some thought. I think that section also adds something with its “by sharing our resources, we can all afford to be more generous” bit.

Did you get a badge? :trophy:

And the code lives here, FYI:

And most static content in here: Blivande Website Config

Here are my arguments to anyone else reading this who wants to jump on the train :slight_smile:

  1. The expectation is that clicking any of those will provide me with more information, probably even images since it’s a big ol’ flip card with an image and text. Instead, I get a tiny amount of information and a somewhat obscure button that say’s “tell me more”. Obscure as the pointer icon appears on both the card and the black surface, without any indication as to which one is active.

In my mind I’m like “Yes, I want to know more, that’s why I clicked in the first place!”. And if I accidentally click wrong, the cards flip back, and I have to click it - yet again, and then do it right.

  1. The Flip Card effect is (to me) somewhat outdated and belongs in the past - as many/most modern sites have a flatter approach, light - straight forward. Same goes for parallax, as they both share the same origin of 10-15 years ago (I remember heavily being asked to do Parallax sites in my early 20s). Not really an argument, more of a personal statement :slight_smile:

Perhaps on Desktop you could set it to be a Hover, so the click is obvious? :slight_smile: (compromise)

I understand the reasoning, however, I would argue that Frihamnstorget is such an impressive part of Blivande, and neither the tiny flip card nor the 40% visible image with somewhat difficult text on top does it justice. We could/should pick one, and put the weight there (IMO).


Ok, I’m not resistent to good arguments! Flip is gone and so is FT section.

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In general, I’m definitely not very attached to the design, as the components are not designed by me but come with the Edgeryders Vue.js SPA we use to create websites from Discourse content.

Here are the things I really like about the site right now:

  • We can turn community generated content into website featured content by tagging on the forum
  • Lots of pictures and focus on things created by the community, posted by the community
  • Plenty of pictures
  • All static content also controlled from the forum, making my life easier
  • It’s reasonably short and sweet
  • It does a reasonably good job at hinting at the long term grand ecosystem vision while still focusing on the short term membership recruitment

Here are the things I don’t really like:

  • Design language feels dated and clumsy
  • We need better copy
  • Cover photo should better represent what we are
  • Partner section looks sort of awful
  • Could use an integration to instagram

I’m very open to someone redesigning the components. If someone makes an updated design mock-up that I or a freelancer could implement, that would be dope.

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My dream website keeps all of this:

But looks more like this:

I was a bit worried in my stomach that my words were a bit harsh - and happy to wake up to the tone of your response - it’s always a humbling experience to read the way you deal with feedback.

I am always up for debates on anything related to code and web, and since it’s pretty much what I spend most of my days on, it can get sweaty and passionate :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reference, I’ll add it to my second Blivande “todo” after the forum posts, to have a look at this.

If you have more references of Dream Websites, please share them here!

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Is there maybe a point in updating the title of the posts?

Co-Work and Create vs Studio Beta and Studio Tau

And having Studio Tau imagery dominate the Tau post?

@SofiaAnner where can I find images for all the spaces, could we maybe spam images in the different posts, so we never have to ask for great images to share?

it is easy to change theses titles in the linked posts on the platform, so we can try that out easyly enough :slight_smile: