We moved some art

Me and @NinaLindberg moved some of the art around as previously mentioned in preparation of moving some containers around and adding our restaurant container.
@Ollxor @Per_Dahlgren we took down the geometric dragons. Stored the lights temporarily in beckmans container and the pieces are on ground level. When the new container comes we will put them back up similar to how they were probably or how fits the square.
@linlj we unwelded Sputnik and disconnected the antennae, it’s now inside Tau in storage room. You said you were going to do some work on it, if something changes let me know and we can put it back up laterz
We moved the acrylic piece from on-top of beckmans, not sure who made that one. It’s now inside beckmans container until we find a spot.
@Simon we left the security doors i]on top of the beckmans container, they were too heave without the right tools. I’ll give you a ping when we have the date for arrival


Ok, thanks, will pick up the sputnik this weekend and bring it home to do some work on it. :slight_smile:

That’s by @MariaEuler

I really miss the sputnik! Will it ever come back?