Warping Boards of MDF/Valchromat

Hi Tau!
I have 2 boards of Valchromat (and there are other boards beside mine) standing in the “board-pile” next to the door into Blivande. They are to be used in CNC:ing, and its very important that they are absolutely flat (or the CNC:ing wont work). This has been done by standing them straight up, not leaning them against anything. I’ve been told that there is a new list put in by the floor, which makes it impossible to have the boards standing up, and makes them lean instead. Especially if people start to pull out stuff and shuffle them in, unaware the need for the boards to not lean but stand up.

What can be done to help this situation? Build a box to store the boards in? Strap the boards up against some wall to keep them straight? I’m all in for suggestions. But please don’t let the boards go to waste (they are about 1200SEK per board if I’m not wrong).

Ping @hampus @Joannis-Magnus @Emanu @Ollxor @Nicke


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Ill take a look at it tomorrow by lunch.

yeah that situation is kinda unacceptable in other ways too, both me and Niklas have been victims of wood-valanche this week… (that is, all the standing boards tipping over and taking the boxes of material with them). My suggestions was some kind of metal railing/“kravallstaket” bolted into the floor to give the standing boards something to lean on.

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And “lean” on won’t work with these boards, they need to be right up against the side or they will warp. But great that Olle can look into it tomorrow.

Me & @Emanu reorganized the pile and attached the two wood bins to the floor. This will prevent falling over to some extent. All the expensive and private sheets are now to the left along the glass wall pretty straight. The rest of the material is leaning towards it keeping it in place. If a lot of leaning material is moved, it might fall over. So its still a bit dangerous to move things around, and its highly recommended to be at least two people manouvering the pile.

Oh and i also removed the drywall from the pile.


Where did you move the drywall boards?
The thicker plywoods are not really cheaper material. They are relatively high quality (BB) and thick so better to keep those straight as well.

In any case a long-term solution is very much needed, we can all agree on that. Feel free to come up with a plan everyone/someone!
Personally I would love to see a solution in metal bolted to the floor with compartmentalized short rolling pipes supporting the boards for easy access.