Warming up Frihamnstorget

Hello Frihamnstorget crew!

Summer is over, winter is coming. How can we keep warm in the containers?


It would be great to collect the different solutions you are already using or ideas you are having to figure out the best ways of beeing as cosy as possible, or at least as necessary at Frihamnstorget over the winter?

Talked to @Thedodod who owns a cool heating machine and could imagine connecting it with some pipes, but also mentioned that direct electricity or fans in the different containers could be easier/better solutions.
@Thedodod could you maybe list the heating equipemnt you have and how we could borrow it?

@bobspeakman and @NinaLindberg what are your plans for heat in the secret experience?

@elch, do you have heaters that can be borrowed? What about your bitcoin mining heating system?

@hampus, what does already exist in the blivande storage? How many fireplaces do we have?

Also, which solution would cost how much to run it in terms of electricity or wood or what ever?

Which Containers would need heating?

  • secret experience?
  • caffee?
  • gallery?
  • BAM?
  • Hot Box?
  • Laser

Would like to invite you very warmly to share below :).

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We have an AC unit that we will install in the secret experience, after this series of experiments ends mid October. That container is insulated but we weren’t experts when window fitting but think it’ll be good enough, if not it shouldn’t be too much work to fix them.
We also have 2 infrared heaters we plan to put up in the cafe container for heat there.
we will add a hot water boiler to the cafe container ASAP with @Thedodod.
We also have two large wood fired, very pretty stoves that eventually will make it to the square. We imagine nice hot chocolates and other things can work well with that.


I have the following:

1 stand alone AC unit
1 construction heating fan 3kW
1 15 kW water heater incluting pump

The easiest option is electrical heaters in the compartments you need them and arguably it’s more electricity-efficient than a water heater plus water radiators.

For the water heater (not tap water) you could make an installation with copper or metal tubes in some form of funky shape and then run the water through that.

You could do floor heating if you add a layer wooden board plus another layer of flooring… actually I think i have excess stuff for floor heating that a client will try to sell, could probably get it cheap…

Floorheating is only good though if you have insulation… the heated installation would have some value other than heating…

I also have a water to air heat exchanger that works if you add a fan… maybe would be fun for the instalation, but not so efficient for heating a room alone…


Good initiative @MariaEuler

The only container forgotten in the list is the insulated laser container. It will need continuous heating so that the laser tube does not freeze and crack. I will install a small electrical heater there for this purpose.

  • cafe container: needs to be protected, most importantly the water connection. Is the heating line inside the water pipe turned on @Thedodod?

  • gallery container: would only have to be heated for the duration of an exhibition (to protect artworks and heat visitors). I recommend a 2 kW heater or the like for this purpose.

For events dont forget to use the fire pit we have available!

We also have military tents with wooden stoves inside the WCH container for use during events.

One fun idea was also to maybe have a “heating exhibition” in the yellow container gallery early next year or so with sculptures that also heat up spaces. But we have to discuss this still with the Gallery board if we want to do things like that :).

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added to the list now

There’s an art collective in SF called Survival Research Laboratories that has done a lot of fire installations the last couple of decades. Here’s one of their nicer pieces called “Mr Satan”: http://karenmarcelo.org/srlyard/2007/07/mr-satan-gets-hot.html

Just got reminded of them. I believe Justin is a friend of theirs.

Our own Axel is working quite a lot on different fire installations and have made nice progress on some of them. We should get one of his more safe and consistent pieces at FT. He would be happy to be able to exhibit something there.

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When it gets colder o can put my mini - car fan inside the cafe comtainer… its temperature regulated and wont be on unless its needed

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