Volunteer poster

Thanks to the amazing Amalia we have this great poster. I have worked out a version based on the design by @Sero that uses a few different color schemes and varies Swedish and English. I think the idea should be that we try to put up two posters everywhere, one in Swedish and one in English, in different colors. When we post online, we can share different versions in different contexts.

I decided to go with color versions after all. I think Sero is right in that it is important that the posters are eyecatching from a distance. Having a mosaic of colors makes it a lot less symbolically loaded to also use the blue and yellow theme, so I kept that in there too.

Images below are previews of the posters, please use the high res versions when printing.

Also, this portrait format is not great for social media, I have also made a square version for use on Facebook and Instagram.

Information to include with shared images


Vi tillverkar hundratals plastrockar varje dag på Blivande och levererar till sjukhus, vårdcentraler och äldreboenden. Vi behöver din hjälp, du kan göra skillnad! Ingen erfarenhet behövs.

Södra Hamnvägen 9
Frihamnen, Stockholm
09:00 till 21:00, varje dag

Kontakta Blivande om du har frågor. Mer information på https://www.blivande.com/#covid19

Kom bara om du är helt fri från symptom.


We make hundreds of pieces of protective equipment at Blivande every day and deliver to clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. We need your help, you can make a difference! No previous experience needed.

Södra Hamnvägen 9
Frihamnen, Stockholm
09:00 to 21:00, every day

Contact Blivande if you have any questions. More information on https://www.blivande.com/#covid19

Only come if you are completely healthy.

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good design.