Visualia Open Call for Electronic music and Live Visuals

Hey ho, thanks to @SofiaAnner power of sharing, NAVA is organising a popup audiovisual event called VISUALIA in Stockholm (somewhere).

If you want to apply to perform we have an open call!

Read about it here:


Interested in using real time sensor input to produce music!

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OK! :slight_smile: Hit it :smiley:

Is a great place for cheap and surplus components including audio and sound generators and microphones.

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Can we make something analogue that uses no electricity?

  1. Aeolian harps… wind blows on strings to generate sounds, or you can use different pipes to create strange sounds when the wind blows.

  2. Water powered sounds As the waves hit the dock the water can push a cylinder up or down. Pump air to make a horn type instrument. Different notes can be selected as the cylinder rises or falls and different holes are covered as in the finger holes of a whistle or recorder.

  3. The waves can also be used to strike small hammers hitting containers to create different notes and rhythms, levers and cams could also be used.

Would make a great theme for a festival :slight_smile: mechanical engineers welcome :smile:

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Lovely ideas @Gravklot and welcome to the forum! Have you been to the house yet?

I have been wanting to create some optical illusion installations for a while now. Might be able to create something for this event.

Yes, I visited the house when I met Hugi recently! Great place and fantastic human resources too!
Hope to visit again soon, will try and bring some friends and spread the word!
Hope to meet soon.


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Thanks again Hampus!

Will be great to meet and I hope to help make some fun things. I know plenty of local places where you can get free parts for the project as well as some cool online shops like DSMCZ. Wherever there are building sites/ rennovation projects you can find great stuff that people throw away! :grinning:

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Great to meet you in person yesterday @Gravklot !
Hope to see you back here soon again.