Use of laser cutter


All the missing parts to the laser cutter have finally been found by @Ollxor a couple of days ago. @DavidGiertta has been informed and might come by already next week to continue the installation. Keep your fingers crossed!


Yup! Really relieved and happy that the parts were found. Big ups, @Ollxor! Just got a picture of the “final” crucial component; the software USB key. Woop!
Will be coming in Monday or Tuesday next week and setting things up.
Not only happy we are getting our old trusty machine back, but also relieved that we can postpone the process of researching a replacement.


We’re going to have to throw some kind of laser themed party to celebrate the return of the laser cutter sometime after BL… :slight_smile:


How’s your availability the coming weeks @DavidGiertta?
Would be great to get the laser cutter up and running now after the BL dust starts settling.


On another note, what about this Desktop CNC?! :slight_smile:


Better start a new thread for that @jonasjohansson

But sure would be lovely with a CNC. Still haven’t gotten any answer from the guy who talked about lending/renting out his unused one to Tau a couple of months back. Will try again.