Use of laser cutter

How much are they? What are the options?

Unsure when these are back in stock but price is between 50-70K SEK with all things included.

I really want to buy a nice container and put the laser in there. Install windows etc so it’s a good place to hang out as well. Will look into this option this week.

Do you think it would be warm enough in a container during winter? The smaller laser cutters they can be inside. Carl is roaming around with this one all the time, last we had 2 of them at Beckmans in the main room for a day, was great. Just have next to window in case?

Nevermind I just saw your other thread regarding this.

In that case, I assume we should move the current one into the new container so it at least is not in the way / taking up space. And then look into getting a new one. The Muse from FabLabFactory looks fantastic.

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Posting here too, as well as the other “container for laser” thread:

Alright! New year, new projects!
Sorry about the delay. Laser is fully functional, tested and calibrated.
Hampus has sorted the ventilation so heavier jobs can be done.
Was thinking of having a primary workshop and tutorial very soon, se how many are interested.

How about Thursday the 9th, this week, at 14:00 and onwards?

Who are interested in participation in this session?
There will be more opportunities within a week or two, then as a structured, paid course. Perhaps also include some sort if internal certification for usage of the machine.

I’m a bit rusty myself but I’ll be using the same knowledge list I made for stugan way back.
Another good resource for usage, designing files, material etc: (just disregard from the references to Lightburn, this software is sadly not compatible with our laser, it uses Lasercut 5.3, and import vector graphics to that.
Its a good idea to bring own computers and own designs to practice doing a small project individually.

We might be a bit low on materials so if you have any fun stuff to spare bring it too. See the knowledge list for info concerning materials.

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I’m game!

Tagging some other members here that might be interested:

@Thedodod @jonasjohansson @dsandber @spargeltarzan @sebastianj @MariaEuler @Simon @Frida_Simon @asapienza @Joannis-Magnus

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Hello and happy new year!

I am in. Where do we meet tomorrow from 14;00? In the house or in the container?

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Did you guys and gals have the laser training?

Yes! See this thread: First Laser Cutter 101 course has been completed!

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Can we get a new course happening soon? Could someone maybe please show me how to do it in exchange for food?

@DavidGiertta Any ideas of when we could do another one?

We need to make sure everyone’s getting the same information so the way to get certified will be through David’s courses or that he vouches for you (if you already are sufficiently experienced with the machine).

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Posting here, same as in other laser topic, reading both will give cerebral hemorrhaging


Yeah, I am habitually over my head in diverse projects and to add to that, a bit broken. Been having some health problems, nothing severe but having me unable to get around to doing stuff.

Last I was there we had an introductory course, but those attending probably needed more hands-on examples done, and help along their first solo projects to feel sure about using the machine. I was a bit rusty, and learning by doing is the best way. Its hard to condense and convey methods learned/developed over years of use.

So, to get cracking again, we first need to work out the issues with the machine, since it has not been running properly. In the spirit of learning together, and me being long-winded, I’m gonna type out the trouble shooting here in the forum. Hopefully we can resolve it faster this way too.

Olle reports it drops significantly in power after running for a while. There are many factors that can reduce power.
Most are due to regular use of the machine, and therefore are addressed in regular maintenance. Smoke residue on lens/mirrors/laser tube business end, Poor fume evacuation.
Other factors are incorrect settings.
power/speed setting in software overridden/reduced in machine settings, incorrect focus
Also mirror calibration can be off, and the laser tube degrades as a whole with use, etc…

Intermittent power loss, that occurs after running a while, is probably because one of two hardware bits being at the end of its life. The laser tube power supply, which brings the voltage upp to a cosy ~20KV DC and exites the CO2 gas in the tube to produce the energy. If this one is old and tired it can have reduced effect as it is working and getting warm.

The other probable cause is insufficient cooling. Then laser tube is dependent cooled by a separate water cooling system, composed of a circulation pump and compressor radiator thingy. This one has been thru a lot, from running dry, having its temp probe severed, being fed way to rich glycol blend and then some… Also the system was hard to flush after the move. Thermostat regulating the effect seemed a bit wonky too…

To sum up all that; the next step here is to run a test and measure temps on the cooling water, and compare it to effect loss.
If Olle or anyone else tech savvy feel up to doing this it would speed up matters, as I could get on sorting the necessary spares.

As for time for repairs and a date for a workshop, I can make my way over and spend some time week after next, but even better if the errors could be diagnosed before then.

If you made it this far, gold star! :slight_smile:

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@Ollxor, @jonasjohansson, @bobspeakman, @MariaEuler, @annielocke - what do you think? Is this something we can investigate?

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Reminder to myself: We should film the next introduction, so we have the resource available. To remember in the time in-between projects and as a help for new users. Is there a recording already?

Yeah i already did a looot of tests with cooling and fixed several issues with the sensors among other things. The cooling temperature is “ok” and does not correlate with the issue of power loss.

Rabbit laser suggests its the psu that is the problem.

If anyone has a multimeter that goes to 24.000 volts or something like that we can test its performance to know if thats where the problem is coming from.

Could also just buy a new one and replace the old one if we dont find a measuring tool.


I can’t use the laser cutter until we get a communal computer, I can’t run the emulation on my Mac.

If someone has a spare machine then I’m in for fixing and making stuff happen.

Bob, I managed to run win10 in parallells on my mac, and then after some hoops got the drivers to work with the USB and connecting directly to the cutter (you need to restart the computer in a mode to accept non-signed drivers). However I only have one usb C -> usb A connector, so I can’t do anything with the cutter since it requires the dongle to be connected at all times when talking to the cutter. The USB-cable from the cutter was also mangled on the connecting end, so I had to find a replacement in the electronics room. The old one is stuck in the cutter (screwed or glued there) but the new one is tucked in inside the cutter (to keep it from getting under the wheels and be crushed again).


I don’t personally know enough about servicing laser cutters to be of help here. Just operating. Thought I’m not even sure what the current status of Tonya is besides there is no communal laptop and I can’t remember the software name:P All good- I use the ones at KTH- more communicating lack of familiarity with Tonya since ca. 2017

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Software is Lasercut 5.3. Instructions and downloads I guess is something that you get with the intro-course.

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