Urban Gardening & More

On the 30th of April the initial Urban gardening meeting for Frihamnstorget following the initiative by @elch (Toby) met on his balcony overlooking the square. Weather was sunny for a bit and increasingly cold. The Whiteboard was brought up to the balcony via the forklift, a very much appreciated gesture.

Notes from Urban gardening meeting

Let’s get in the greens: Urban Gardening at Frihamnstorget:

What we discussed regarding the gardening:

  1. Installing a watering system like in Tobi’s balcony. Water pipes with holes and an attached timer make it easy to care for the crops. People could plant and them not worry much more about the plants:
  • Budget for water system:
  • Less than 3000 to 4000 SEK in total Material costs
  • @Thedodod and @elch will start to set this up now either way. Thank you for the urban garden pipe heros!
  1. What type of planters?
  • Cut open metal tubes
  • Like the existing wood boxes
  • Green wall structures to be made during welding course
  • Collaboration with “Hydrogarden” contact through @Joannis-Magnus
    Can we/ want we collaborate with Hydrogarden setting up a shop at Frihamn to get to have a planting experiment station/demonstration station there? Hydrogarden would need to find a shop space near Frihamnstorget. Could we help them get that?
  1. Compost: Toby will build it and we could all add to it at Frihamnen

  2. Bees : (Tobee ;)):honeybee:

  1. Build an insect hotel: material exists, could be turned into a workshop for work and play, or into a paid workshop for classes.

  2. Greywater System: clean greywater from Caffe using plants

Grey Water needs to be solved for Frihamnstorget in the long term view. However, we could only ever do that on a small scale as we won’t have much soil. If then it would be more a limited “showroom” project. We would need to be very careful to not make the place look like a swamp.

  1. Funding and costs:
    The new PLATO project uses a “dreams and realities” system similar to borderland festivals. Plans and proposals can be put up there and funding can be organised and decided that way.

Regarding the 3000 to 4000 SEK, Blivande would be able and happy to provide that initial funding given that all of us subscribe to make the festival in September happen and amazing! :slight_smile:

Peripherally connected notes:

Stuff that came up, but is not just about the urban gardening.

  1. Wifi for Frihamnstorget: Can be established easily with a signal booster from the house

  2. Blivande/Frihamn could get necessary income via Festival planning/ticket selling for September:

”let’s build an amazing magic hype 600 – 800 SEK for a weekend festival + access to work play at Frihamn mini membership.”

  • Tickets for the festival would also give you access to work and play at Frihamnstorget.

  • Work & play:
    PLANNED/DESIGNED EVENTS TWICE A MONTH (urban gardening and welding could be part of that)

  1. For the big festival, we would probably rent a bigger part of the parking lot.

  2. Tekniska Museet is interested in collaborating for outdoor events.
    The museum would not pay for it, but the participants who could come through the museum could. (mainly children)

  3. Welding courses: 3 machines from @elch + 3 Machines we could borrow

  4. Connecting to maker places to “headhunt” them while they can not do much in inhouse places.

  5. Having lockable bike storage would make the place more attractive for new members. COuld also be a welding course project.


  • GO FOR IT (for the pipes).
  • Urban Gardening wanted in general
  • Let’s plan and create more for the festival to enable all of the other plans
  • Use Plato for the planning and financing, URL coming soon!
  • People starting initiatives like this are very cool :slight_smile:


@kimgajraj could you make a social media post out of this?

What I understood from the meeting is that we have a budget of less than 5000… since the festival is happening.

Yes, that is what I understood as well @Thedodod

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Great summary!

Permaculture site:

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