Upgrade Tau; donate the silver table in ~my room~, clear the shelves, move tau storage to rydberg storage = make space for more people to work ^^

The title explains itself.

Suggestion from Joannis, I agreed, so I am making it a topic, no one ever liked that silver table anyway. I have never since I moved in seen anyone sit there and work.


Have answered in the other thread where it’s also discussed. We’re not getting rid of the stainless table now, but it will most likely be moved out in the future and replaced by a standard rectangular version with a sink to go along the wall where the white shelves are today.

It has seen use though, not so much directly by a person after Mike left but it has been fulfilling a role as a temporary parking space for unfinished active projects (like Diana’s furniture lately). If it wouldn’t be there these projects would remain on the white tables (or on the floor which is less effficient use of vertical space) blocking the same area for others.

We won’t be donating it away as it costs a couple of thousand to buy one used and it’s rare model with the F-shape. In the future it will likely end up in another workshop (maybe the ceramics container).

If there’s a perceived lack of available space in the room one quick way to ease that is for you to optimize your own usage @cecilia_ulfsdotter. It might be not be feasible to work on all new painting simultaneously for example if that means that one of the two white tables is constantly occupied. Your rented space ends where the white table begins. To be clear I’m not necessarily saying that this is a real issue, I’m simply responding to the thread where it’s inferred that we need to create more space.

To massive improvement that will greatly improve the overall situation is the enlargement of the room as a whole by taking down the walls to the entrance and the corridor. Something that I’m longing to finally get started on.