Unofficial (but now officially unofficial) Tau cleaning Day 5th of June

From @Ollxor

I’ll be there during the day! I have lectures from 10-11, and 13-15 but will be active between and after!!

Attention everyone who reads this message and those who do not, but are concerned.

Friday the 5th of june is the unofficial semi spontaneos TAU CLEANING AND ORGANIZING FESTIVAL.

Welcome to a day of tidying stuff. Your own stuff, common stuff, other peoples stuff, stuff that belongs to no one, spaces and wherever in the house.

The day is self organized, which means that if you find a need, perhaps you can help fullfill that.

The festival is not mandatory, but it is highly encouraged. Yes! It is totally ok to work on your stuff while other are tidying.

Join for the whole day, just for a moment, or work the whole night through. It is up to you! You are in charge, and so am i.

Feel free to dress accordingly or not.

A barbeque or two would be nice if the weather allows.

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Great initiative!

The timing is not great for me personally as @hugi @SofiaAnner and I are sitting in a Zoom conference tied to the culture house network Trans Europe Halles most of the day. Blivande is becoming a member there. I will at least join in for the potential BBQ later in the afternoon or early evening.

Oh, and always combine this type of post with a generous amount of tagging! A lot of people only read posts on the forum where they are specifically tagged.

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This is on Friday, so during Work&play. Let’s combine. We could potentially send people over, open up the door between TAU and Frihamnstorget.
Could/should we designete a storage container and empty out the storage from TAU? Or rather not?


Is there a way to create groups?! :smiley: or perhaps I should have a doc somewhere where I can copy paste this barrage of names.

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Work & Play is not aevery Friday, just once a month no?

Ah, I was thinking it was on Thursday. Friday is better in terms of availability. Still not great but better. :slight_smile:

In terms of storage space we really only have space left in the second level container (redish one) next to Secret Experience.

Not that I know of. Copy+paste is probably the way to go.

No, we are going to increase the frequency to every Friday (but with less ambitious gatherings then). Simple food, less planning involved and so on. Then we can go a bit bigger once a month, maybe with a DJ and so on. Ideally also with some kind of course element (welding course, insect hotel etc).

Let’s make a thread where we collect such “ping groups”. This here is a good resource:

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Hey everybody❣
Not sure if this include entrance space( the door opposite to the water,with stairs on both sides, and inside-when u go up to beta.-the shoeroom ,the little hall(with toilet and lockerboxes)and the toilet, “-in between” -wardrobe-hang your jacket-room,and the “church-room”. Does it? Well just wanted to tell u more that There vad been and still is-Though not so many left, ANTS - (myror på svenska) there. There is - ANT- BOXES -2 OF THEM THERE. the first one in the little hall room inbetween. Left of the toilet. In the corner. Ute green.and also and extra note on standing myrr myrdosa on.and then on swedish- couse yes i forgot not all speak swedish (sorry for that, just remind me couse i do forget it sometimes again…) .the Other box is in the church room. On the left beside the black owen is a brown shelf.down under that on… please be careful. Dont get it on u.Dont mess it out and dont Though it away.and put it back if move it. Otherwise im also comong then ,but have some other things booked do first. But just wanted u to know. Much love and a Lovely day with a cute hugemetahug❣