Ugly ceiling lamps (parabolic) removed from Tau


Last week I removed all the ugly and low-hanging, white ceiling lamps from Tau. Rooms are much more spacious now. The white parabolic discs are still available (everything else has been thrown away) in the basement if needed for some art installation or the like. Could potentially be nice to use as deco on the building or if the BL temple would be interested in creating a number of fire bowls.

The replacement lights (found in the main mounting room) still needs to be installed so hopefully I can get some assistance doing this from the rest of you. Otherwise I will just do it whenever I have the time and inclination in the coming week. But be advised that some rooms are currently lacking sufficient fixed lighting for nighttime work. No special electrical skill or knowledge is required as these lamps are plugged right into the ceiling mounted sockets. What is needed is to properly fix them to the roof in a secure way, in awareness of how the room is to be used and furnished. Center lamps over tables or place in the center of the room, without hanging them too low.


@jakobskote would you like these for the temple ceremony?