🚲 Tour de Lux

I am writing on behalf of the Nordic Audiovisual Artists with a Request of Interest regarding a fund I am applying for.

Tour de Lux is a moving parade of projections, where Nordic maker spaces create unique bicycle designs where projector, battery and computer rest safely. It’s an open call, not only for engineering solutions but also for visual artists (illustrators, photographers, motion artists and filmmakers etc.).

More information here https://tour-de-lux.glitch.me/

In my application, I need to have confirmed collaborators (which may or may not participate in the end). Would it be OK for me to add Blivande and Studio Tau in this?

@hugi @hampus @Ollxor (what do you think about this?)


It would be an honor, and I’m sure many would like to contribute!


This sounds super cool!

Very cool!

One potential Tau member/affiliate is @sebastianj who I know has built bikes similar to this before, but for projection of sound rather than light. He might be interested to help out some how or at least offer some tips!

@jonasjohansson I would walk over to Sunstorm that have their HQ and storage in Frihamnen (but only for another week or so!). Starting today and until the 21st they are running this sale as seen below. Looks promising!

They sell electric cargobikes amongst other things. Maybe they would be interested in sponsoring you or being a corporate partner somehow? Or at the very least give you some advise/know-how about bikes and electrical systems for them. Lend you some used batteries? Who knows.

You can find them at Liljas Gata 17 (white warehouse building with small windows).

Also tagging other ppl that might be interested in their sale (tools, DIY-stuff):

@bobspeakman @Thedodod @elch @dsandber @DavidGiertta @spargeltarzan



Will go there ASAP tmrw! THANKS!

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