Three-phase electric power


No need to take out vacation of course! I’ll make it happen on a Thu or Fri.


@Kevin They can meet us on Friday afternoon at 13. Would that work for you?


Sounds good, see you there. :+1:


@hampus, just want to check that the meeting is taking place tomorrow?


Yes, but it’s based on info a couple of days ago about the guy’s availability so it could change, but I think it’s unlikely. Waiting for his response, but he told me the only time he couldn’t make it was Thursday at 11. Let’s confirm tomorrow at 10 at the latest.


@hampus, Any confirmation?


Unfortunately not. Better we postpone until next week.


Ok, I’m already on my way so next time I would like more foresight than an hour before. I also brought the sockets so I need to drop them off. Are you there? Or know how I can get in?