Three-phase electric power


213.5kr/m. Ok, then I’ll order everything. I talked to KB-system and they only sell through other companies but we could cut the delivery time with 2-3days if talking to them first. So an order today means delivery on monday noon at the best if everything is in stock. Delivery time on the other stuff is usually the day after. I’ll write again later today when I know estimated delivery time.


@hampus The 32A KB-socket have different options, do you want it going left,right or middle?


Just answering here for the sake of others. Kevin and I have talked today on the phone and come up with a new plan. We’ll draw power from the smaller fusebox instead, which is closer so we’ll save some money on cable.

I’ll measure it tomorrow. And we can def. meet here in the weekend. Would be nice with a Tau day on early Sat or Sun.


I won’t be able to come this weekend. I’ve ordered the KB-stuff and he would get back about the delivery time but I haven’t heard more.
I’ll call them on monday.

About the cabel installation there are some things to think about that we can go through. But first we need all the stuff, I’ll order the rest when I received that cabel lenght.


This is the estimated delivery dates when I look in our ordersystem. Way longer than it sounded when I talked to a salesman at KB-systems, but he also said that some may not be in stock.
63A Connection box 2019-04-19
16A socket 2019-05-08
32A socket 2019-04-18
A reminder; I will not be reachable between 11 April to 10 May.


Just received everything! Must have been some bug in the system before.



I guess we’re too late to make this happen before you leave, even if you get the cable length tonight? How many hours do you think you would need?


Yes it’s to late now. Must order before 16:30 to get the material the following day. But a another from my company can also come, or if you hire someone else? Either way it would be good to have all the material. How long cables do we need for the external 32/16A sockets?

I would say one work day to be safe.


cant we just plug the 16A ? should be alright cause its secured with 25A. I think even the 32A should work if we dont put the full load on it, in worst case the 25A fuses blow in the main fuse box.


Yes, that would be great. @Kevin can you come by and do that? We only need one or two 16A outlets installed, shouldn be a quick job. Then we do the bigger upgrade when you’re back. We need 16A in the textile room and the woodworking room to start out.


Yes that can be done, with the KB-outlets you can just turn of the power and plug in. Don’t even need electric skills for that and it comes with a simple manual. I’ll be working over a bit today and then I’m gonna pack tonight so it will be tight. But I’ll write again later and see what the time is.

Hampus what do you mean by two 16A?


I tried calling Hampus without success and just left work now. I didn’t bring the things me because I don’t want to risk storing them at my place because not getting in to Blivande. If you really would have needed me I would have sqeezed it in and been more persistant, but now I feel that when you can do it by yourself and also know where you want them it’s better this way.

The material is stored at Bravida, Smidesvägen 5A, Solna. I’ll inform my co-worker and you can pick up when you like between 07:00-16:00.
Call Tomas at 0702457867.


If someone can pick it up, I can install it. But I’m in Finland next week


I’ll pick it up sometime this week so you can install it when you’re back in Sthlm @elch

Thanks for all the help @Kevin, enjoy your rumble in the jungle… :slight_smile:


I survived and at work I saw that the box is still here, so when is a good time to continue? Wednesday after 18 or thursday/friday I’m usually flexible.


Wednesday would work for me probably


plans have changed, Thursday would be better for me. How about you @Kevin ?


Tomorrow would work for me. But it’s take me whiile to get there and to plug in the sockets aren’t much work at all and something anyone can do. I would rather want to order the rest and make it a full workday.


Great to have you back @Kevin
The harbor wants to have a meeting with us about this before we continue. Do you have any possibility at all to be present at such a meeting during office hours?


Yes preferable on a thursday or friday, or else I need to take vacation from work which I can if it’s important that I’m attending.