Three-phase electric power


Ok, keep us updated
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Yeah let’s wait for answers from KB then take it from there. I should be written somewhere what kind of model it is.

Edit: Found different models here, maybe you can find out which model it is from comparing measurements?


Yes I called them up yesterday and have all the info needed now. Basically all of their models are back-compatible and the one we have now can currently handle up to 35A. If we upgrade the “station” on it (where it connects to the rest of the house grid/fusebox) to a 63A version we can run 63A through it without changing anything else. From there it’s just a matter of buying the 16A outlets that they also manufacture.

See pics of “station” below. One station for each direction of the canal (this is taken in the big room on the far left when you walk into Tau). Power going down from the ceiling there on the right side of the column in the photo:

The 16A outlet we need to buy for each room we want 3-phase power in. Unfortunately 16A is the maximum from what I understand. We should double-check this though.


Good news! Just saw that in the product cataloge they also have 32A sockets, see page nr 10 at the bottom.

So a 63A cabel to the canal and some stuff from KB then?


Woho for the 32A! Great news.

Yes, we would have to upgrade the “stations” where the mains comes in so that they can handle 63A (up from 35A) and then of course pull the actual 63A cable from the fuse box in the middle room. But we were going to do that anyway so it’s no difference in price on that account. Finally buy and install whatever number of 16A and 32A outlets we want to place along the canal. I’m thinking maybe a double 32A close to the Tau main entrance/woodshop and then another in the Flex room at the end of the canal. One 16A in each room along the canal unless they’re crazy expensive.


I can get 16A sockets for 1533kr and 32A = 4469kr from Elektroskandia. Thats a lot more compared to 113kr and 155kr for normal ones. Do you wanna check what prices are straight from them? I wonder if you can buy a junction box to the canal and do a own solution with mounting a normal on the wall, I’ll look into that. Tomorrow I’ll compile a pricelist with material from KB.


11 742 54 - 16A Socket = 1533kr
11 735 80 - 32A Socket = 4469
11 741 06 - 63A Installation station = 3903kr
11 742 30 - 16A 400V Cabel outlet (That we could use to mount a normal socket outside the canal) = 1841kr
Surprised that it was even more expensive, so let’s forget about that.

Cost of material for doing it outside the canal = 26 245kr
Cost for doing it in the canal = 33 819kr
This is for 3x32A sockets and 2x16A wallsockets and 2x63A installation stations. (Maybe we only need one?)
I’ve never worked with KB-canals but I would still say it’s a lot less work of doing it within the canal so that will save worktime. Then you also have a flexible system for future changes, which is the whole point with this expensive system.


Maybe both ? We have a splitter box with a few normal 16A and 32A for textiles and wood workshop. And from there we go into the rail. Then we could have a 32A and a 16A from kb systems which we just plug where needed.


Yes, depending on the budget.


But the textile room and wood workshop are far away from where the installation stations/boxes are today (main room). You need one “box” per direction of the canal. One left and one right. But if we only would go right from there (towards the textile room) we only need one of course, saving us 3900 SEK.

I think we should pull the 63A cable to the main room and plug it into the canal there, with one installation box going right replacing the existing 35A version there. We could also mount cheaper 216A and 232A outlets there on the wall (we could then pull 32A cable out the window for when we need power outside for stuff like welding).

Then we buy 16A KB system (11 742 54) sockets for however many rooms we decide to start with. Maybe 2 for the woodshop, 1 for textile room and finishing with 16A + a 32A for the flex room at the end of the canal?

What do you think about this? If we can’t leave the LEFT-aiming installation box in place, mixing the incoming power then we need to replace both directions of course.


We should meet again to make a plan on site. Wednesday would work for me, how about you guys ?


Would my presence be helpful or is it more you guys that need to sort things out? Wednesday looks good for me, maybe by videocall.
Last week I booked a flight and will be unreachable between 11/4 to 9/5. What timeframe are we aiming for with this?


Well you’re the electrician, maybe we should have a look again where and how to go into the rail. I’m flexible this week, any day works but in case video call will do.
How about you @Hampus ?


Yeah I’m flexible too. We can do video call if that’s better for you Kevin.
Would be great if we could make this happen before the 11/4 then. Is that realistic do you think, @Kevin?


Then videocall it is. Tomorrow I’m avaliable on a bus between 17:30-18:30 or 19:30-21:30.

Next week I’m working monday to wednesday while moving this week and some things to do before leaving. But delivery time from our store is 2-3 days. I’ll call kb-system tomorrow and check their prices and store location. It’s tight but let’s talk more tomorrow.


Would have to do 19.30-21.30 then. Shouldn’t need more than 20 mins tops. It’s basically about us unscrewing the lids to the installation boxes and showing it to you over video link I guess.


So we just had a meeting at Tau about this and the following is what we want to order:

From KB System:
1 * 11 741 06 - 63A Installation station (for a canal going RIGHT) = 3903 SEK
1 * 11 735 80 - 32A Socket = 4469 SEK
1 * 11 742 54 - 16A Socket = 1533 SEK

From general supplier:

63A 5x16mm2 Cabel 40m = 8540 SEK
32A wallsocket x 2 = 309.3 SEK
16A wallsocket x 2 = 226 SEK
32A B Fuse x 2 = 756 SEK
16A B Fuse x 2 = 564 SEK
Mainswitch = 441 SEK
Fusebox x36 IP65 = 2006 SEK
Phaseline fusebox = 826 SEK
JFB/RCD 63A = 1700 SEK
Cabelcanal 6m = 1355 SEK
Plastic pipe 50mm 3m = 96 SEK
Overall mounting material approx. = 1000 SEKI

In total = 27 723 kr + tax and work cost.

Please verify this list and then go ahead with your order @Kevin


Looks good! How long is it to the installation station from the big central? And will the small central be in the same room? We made a rough estimate of the cabel last time so it would be good to measure that more closely since it’s pretty expensive.

Should I order everything? @elch said he found some cheaper things.


OK, we will measure it ASAP. How much is the cable per meter?

The small central should be in the same room where the 63A connects to the rail. But with sockets on both side of the wall so we cover two rooms (woodshop and future main room where the door is).

You can order everything. It’s not a great price difference all in all and we just need to get this done now. :slight_smile:


Can you measure it @hampus or should I come by ? @Kevin do you think we can meet at Blivande on the weekend or next week to go through the cable installation or could we have a chat about it ? I don´t know the details like where we need which cable channel/pipe, or if there is any rules about attaching it to wood.