The yellow Gallery container and TAU artist

We want to make exhibitions in the yellow container on Frihamnstorget a regular thing and feature artists from TAU.

The first successful example was @cecilia_ulfsdotter:

Let’s start a list here with the artist members who might be interested in exhibiting there, the next step would be to look at the calendar and other concrete needs.

List of artists in TAU who might be interested, feel free to add yourself! :slight_smile:
(mainly sorced from this list, if you are not yet on this list, please add yourself, it is a wiki and helps us to enable contacts)

if you can please add your website link or other portfolio link to this list. :slight_smile:


@hampus, are there any updates regarding “femart” and the yellow container?

Thank you @MariaEuler, how nice of you to think of me as well :smiley:

ATM i am not a paying member of TAU.
As long as there is no problem, it would be fun to participate.

It was a happy surprise to see the new gallery last friday.

Good job and kudos evryone

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Hey - I can’t figure out how to edit your post, but my website is I’d like to show work and be involved in general planning. I’d prefer to show in the fall rather than later on.

Also, it could be fun to have a life drawing event in the container. We could ask members to submit figural work then go from there. (@cecilia_ulfsdotter @Simpykatt @DianaMO)

@MariaEuler Should we have a meeting with Tau members soon, or keep this to the forum?


the post is a wiki now and can be accesssed via edit

A meeting might be useful once we actually draw up the calendar and such, but if we can keep planning and ideas in the forum that will be helpful in general :slight_smile:

Yes, they have internal disagreements about it and need more time to think about it. They are asking for a deadline. But since there is no rush from our side (we can just start with exhibitions anyway I would say and invite them to host one exhibition of their own for free) I can just tell them that the offer remains open with some advance warning so we can finish whatever exhibitions we plan in the meantime. We could for example schedule the gallery 3 months at a time. From now until 31st of Dec would be a good period to start with.

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I agree with everything and I just thought the same for SLDC as well! Maybe we could launch an open call for that!

I would also like to be in the board of the gallery, I think @asapienza @MariaEuler and I should def be in it as we all have experience and education on that note, and anyone else who’s keen to join, and I also think we should gather a meeting soon!


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Hello @asapienza, @cecilia_ulfsdotter let’s form a Gallery board!

@SofiaAnner also wants to be part of it but can not be very active right now due to her adding a new wonderful person to the world every day now.

I would also like to invite a friend of hers who has very useful connections and experiences with the art world in Stockholm. (Ljubomir

Anyone else we should add to this thread?

When would suit you for a call or meeting at Blivande?

I am currently being extra careful, therefore I would maybe prefer a call, but we can also meet on-site, as that is also important.

To start out with I would like to set up a dream platform for the Gallery so artists could propose their exhibitions and we could use that to build a programme.

So the agenda for the first meeting would be in my opinion:

  1. to set up the calendar
  2. the questions for the dream form
  3. some basic rules.

When would suit you?

I would propose:

Thursday the 10th 10:00
Wednesday the 16th on site, any time before 15:00 or at 18:00

Hey everyone!

Nice I could join in.

So you get an introduction, my name is Ljubomir Popovic, but you can call me Ljubo. :slight_smile: I’m an visual artist and curator. Experienced in variety of platforms and have worked on international basis for a while now.
Here´s my instagram, which is my temporal website:
My phonenumber is not always on reach but here it goes: +46737727245

For the first meeting I can only Wednesday 16th on site preferably since I just got back to Stockholm, I would like to check out the space!

Best regards


Welcome to the forum and Blivande, @Ljubomir!

Sounds great! Yes wednesday works for me as well and I would also prefer a meeting on site, and that’s great that @Ljubomir would like to join us! Is @asapienza interested too?

Since I have life drawing to prepare on Wednesdays I would prefer a meeting before 14, so anytime between 10 and 14

Maybe @hugi would be interested in being part of the board as well?

I’d love to!

And also @NinaLindberg mentioned someone from Marketartfair who’s got a lot of experince that might be interested, could you connect us?


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Let’s make it a date!

@cecilia_ulfsdotter, @Ljubomir, @asapienza, @SofiaAnner, @hugi

I propose a meeting on-site Wednesday the 16th 11:00.

If some of you can not make it that is ok, but if we are enough we should get going with these 3 points:

  1. to set up the calendar
  2. the questions for the dream form
  3. some basic rules.

Please confirm or cancel here :slight_smile:

(Except for @SofiaAnner, you do not have to do anything, just want to keep you in the loop :))

Yep that’s good for me!

I will try to make it!

Am i still in the loop?

Also nice to see @Ljubomir present at the forum.
Hello from Mike / Under Bron

Hey everyone. Meetup today 11! See you soon! :smile: :blossom: