The Woodshop 🌳

Taking some inspiration from @jonasjohansson efforts to organize the Electronics room and keep track on the changes, agreements and placement of the equipment.

Here comes the official "The Woodshop :deciduous_tree: " -thread

Purpose of this thread

  • Inventory and Arrangement of the Woodshop

  • Posting Questions about equipment

  • Information about materials and usage

  • Maintenance of the Woodshop and surroundings

How to keep the ORDER of the Woodshop

This is the new standard

Read detailed instructions below the pictures! We will try to mark and make signs to make it easier for you to keep the spaces clean, but it is our shared responsability, so we want to keep the areas available to work!

Only woodpiles over 1m length are kept in the wood-rests boxes. If you want to keep smaller pieces, store them among your own stuff. No plastic in the boxes

No trashing of this Area. If the Metal bin or Electronics bin are full organize a trip to the recycling station. Other stuff will be removed from here.

  1. Clean up after yourself in the Woodshop
  2. Vacuum away your dust
  3. Leave the equipment in the right place (most is marked)

This area is for plastic sheet storage and can now be used as a workbench, tidy up after you use it, so it does not become dead space again.

Current To-Do 08.10.2020:

  1. Finish Inventory of equipment: Photograph the power tools we have and refer to people that know how to use it (eg. Shaper). As there is the Electronic room google doc for Inventory it would be maybe easiest just to add a Woodshop tab: Studio Tau Inventory
    Work in Progress by Diana

  2. Make the signs for the the cupboards (on it, we got the bits today!!) and last arrangements of equipment. Work in Progress by Diana

  3. Solving the rest-wood Problem by making agreement about what can be used and a regular drive to the recycle station DONE by Manu and Olle <3

  4. Finishing the restructuring of the Woodshop and the shelf on the corridor front (Maybe @Manu we can do this together ?) DONE by Manu and Olle <3

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Great initiative, thanks @DianaMO!

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Grrrreat! Id be happy to meet some time next week or the week after to organise and plan.


I am not working Wednesday and Thursday night so I could one of those evenings. How is it for you ?

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I would really prefer a daytime get together since thats my working hours. If possible for you?

Daytime 4 PM can works for me ? Is that too late :slight_smile:g

@Ollxor I will just come when I can and see how far you are, maybe continuing with the inventory I began and the door signs.

@taumembers! It is time to clear the wood scraps pile and the entrance. @Manu and @Ollxor are meeting up Wednesday morning and getting some shit done.



Finally! <<<3333333!!!

One problem we have now is that we dont have a place for composite (mdf, plywood,osb et.c) wood trash. A container on the outside like the one used for raw wood would be great. Where could we find a container? Any other ideas for a solution there? @hampus


@DianaMO <3 you are my dream sibling.

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We can simply ask for another bin/container from SUEZ and pay them to empty it. It would by far be the easiest fix which I’m more and more leaning towards out of pragmatism and a want for spending my energy on more creative tasks. I’m saying this as “ideologically” Tau was founded on more of a communal effort/LNT ethos where we would specifically not have paid cleaners and so on. Which is also reflected in the subsidized pricing. But that’s turning into a bit of a darling whose time has come [to die], at least for me.

Strictly practically speaking a 600 liter bin quickly becomes very heavy when full of wood and it’s very inefficient work to then empty it by hand (the very reason why I murdered - with gusto - the old “let’s pretend someone might use this in the future”-wood pallet box in the woodshop which had the same problem) in order to load the same wood on a trailer. We’re unlikely to be allowed to bring the bin directly to the recycling station to empty it there (since it will look too “professional”/commercial).

I’ll look up the exact prices for having the service of SUEZ emptying it when full. The base price is 175 kr which is marginal for the time saved and energy not spent on reminding and nagging, but there might be an added per/kg cost as well.