The Wet Baguette

The Wet Baguette, our beloved sooty bar wagon, is currently taking up a lot of place in the yellow (A) container. That is not ideal, I didn’t lay that nice pine floor just for it just to become a storage container. The rest of the stuff in the container is shelfs to go into the lasercutter container, and some random small things that don’t take up too much space.

We have two options:

  • Store her in another container. There was talks of buying another container to use specifically for storage, did these plans come into fruition?
  • I drive her down to Skåne in two weeks. I’m driving down on the 14th anyhow so it’s no problem for me to bring her, but that means we won’t have her to serve cold beer during the spring at Frihamnstorget.

What are your thoughts?

A third option:

Decorate the walls of the yellow container with a beautiful wallpaper of a western prairie, install faded red and yellow leds, buy a heating fan and set up the baguette to be able to have really shady wet baguette speak easy bar nights until the spring.

Yes, I’m serious. Thoughts?


We don’t have to use a kitch wallpaper of course. We could also cover the walls in old news paper clippings, or do something more conceptual - like painting the inside in two colors split in the middle - sky blue above and prairie sand yellow below.

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Yes lets do this! The yellow container will be a Wet Baguette speakeasy throughout the winter :slight_smile:

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Let HER stay and become our blackbar. She is one of us :baguette_bread::baguette_bread::heart::baguette_bread::baguette_bread:

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One of us! One of us!

Besides, @hampus do you have any idea or plan on what will happen with all the shelves, and the other random non-wet-baguette stuff that’s currently in the yellow container? We would need them to be somewhere else if we’re to use it as a speakeasy.

I have already used some for the laser cutter container. Planning to move the remaining into whatever container we use for storage. Either Beckmans one or the second level container in the tower since that is now to remain unused until the art exhibitions in the spring. Depends on what will become of the Beckmans one short to medium term.

But yes, it’s going away!
There’s a bunch of parts that are unnecessary to keep also and that can be discarded.

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Ok perfect! I think it’s better to use the second level one, since we wanna keep the Beckmans one open for opportunities. I will move stuff up sometime soon.

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Is the wet baguette interested in being part of the secret experience as part of our smugglers bar? Those little doll shoes on the legs are needed for the project :wink:

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That’s possible! Ye ol’ Wet Baguette is always interested in wrecking havoc in new areas. When, where and how?

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Ideas are still percolating, just wanted to put it out there in case it’s going to skåne soon.

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I see! The Baguette will stay in Stockholm as for now, no plans to bring her down any time soon.

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So our first draft plan would be to use the red middle container as a cloakroom, chandelier and old classic carpets and furniture.
Then you can also go through the one of the wardrobes (or something similar that isn’t so used) and behind could be the burning bar in this low lit otherworldly room, (a vibe a little like satans democracy)
We would use it for our smugglers bar, where people can sneak alcohol in our non-alcoholic dinner

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Nice idea! However, I think it will be difficult to get the wet baguette up to the container on the second floor, it’s a quite heavy and bulky thing. That would require a big truck lift or something. It’s also nice to keep it on the groundfloor so it’s easily rolled out to other events.

Baguette update. Greenpeace is currently borrowing the bar for an intervention (today at Finansdepartementet at 12:30, join if you’re free), so I was there early to fix her up a bit before the spectacle. The container she’s currently residing in is leaking a lot, it’s like the belly of a whale in there, the floor was covered in ice when I opened it this morning. Strange environment, and not ideal for a wood/fabric/paper structure. There was a layer of mold over large parts of the bar desk, and the veneer on some parts have started to come off.

I want to move the bar to the yellow container, as I think it’s slightly less soaked. This ok with all? Is it filled with stuff? I heard from @linnea that @Simon has the keys, but that he won’t be in today.

I am also missing a black cable reel that belongs to the bar (i.e. me), that I guess went missing during the cleaning frenzy after the Winter AW? Black good cable reel with a red tape mark on the stand. @hampus

I will weld the holes in the roof of the Beckman Container on Monday
Then it would be good to have a dehumidifier in there for a few days to soak up the moisture. Do we have one in the House?

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Yes, I believe we do. @Joannis-Magnus has brought one I think.

@jakobskote The keys to the yellow container are together with the rest, stored in the normal place. Haven’t seen the black cable reel.

I have now resealed the holes in the roof, and caulked the inside, will get hold of the dehumidifier from @Joannis-Magnus
@MariaEuler I advise (without you asking for it :wink: )in future that you attach a plate to the container and then drill in the plate instead of directly in the container to keep the container itself watertight.
I’ll keep an eye on the container


sure, I discussed things before putting it up summer ad something was attached. (everything happening very fast in the sprint before the opening) Was removed when the container was moved recently apparently. makes sense to keep container roofs intact.

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