The Frihamnstorget Cafe terms of use

Hej all,
the cafe is getting close to finishing its renovation and so I started to throw down some ideas for the process of how to borrow it.

we have some nice equipment in there,
vacuum machine
water bath
pressure cooker
Liquid nitrogen

so he document is pretty rough right now and needs tidying up. just wanted to get some thoughts down and check what I’ve missed

And the overlord tagging @hugi @hampus

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Beautiful work!

Will read through the document when I have some more time.

EDIT: Read it now, looks good!

  • I would mention locking up procedures. For the actual door of course but more importantly remembering to lock the “eyelid”. It’s easy to forget.

  • Sewage will be an issue until we have proper access installed. Instructions for how to deal with food waste (location of compost bins, where to dump grey water from dishwashing etc).

  • More detailed cleaning instructions (“disinfect surfaces” is somewhat subjective and I’ve learned the hard way never to overestimate random AND non-random people’s cleaning skills).

  • Some kind of report system (digital?) for consumables like plastic bags, detergent, paper etc).

  • Some document on the wall or digital where people “sign off” after having used and left the kitchen.

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