The Flexroom now becoming the FLEX STUDIO

During the next two weeks I will be transform the flex room to room that are prepared for photoshoot and film shootings. (Off course it will still be a room for all kinds of project jobs not only photo stuff)

After all the years, working as a photographer I own a pretty descent studio equipment…
Some of the studio equipment will be fre for borrow and some of it will be for a low cost rent
(the money will be used to repair and buy new equipment to the collective.)

What needs to be done and bought is following:
(to difficult English so I swap to Swedish)

we need:

  1. Grå färg för taket. Plast/Tejp rollers 30kvm Bauhaus ca 1.000.-
    Vit väggfärg.

  2. Svart tyg, Scenmolton 300cm x 30meter Bal. Flamskyddat. 2.820.- + frakt

  3. väggskenor VIDGA IKEA 50.-/m 6x5meter 1.500.-
    väggskena hörn 4st 200.-
    Molyon Svart 3m bred. Glid och krok för upphängning 600.-
    Krokband för upphängning. 500.-

  4. Rep för fondbom 50m 500.-
    Block, skruv mm för fondbom. 500.-

Total: 6.620.-
(Vi behöver dessutom ett låsbart skåp för fotoutrustningen till det nedersta rummet.)

Meanwhile I fixing the flex studio, I will also use the flex-studio for a ongoing photoshoot project which means there will be foto-stuff in the room.

Pease put stuff in the room and please don’t use the side door entrance if not necessary.

When the studio is painted and fixed I will hold a green-screen photo/photoshop workshop for anyone who is interested including how the flash equipment works.

// Simon


Ok, approved. This was decided a long time ago, so let’s do it.

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I can help out to bulid, sow and fix draperiskenor och kantband mm when needed / Frida

Great that it’s finally happening @Simon!
I will be available to assist next week.

The way I understand these amounts and components is that the curtains would be wall-mounted and only cover the first 300 cm of the wall. Is this correct? Or are you thinking to make each section 3 m wide and ceiling high? (5 m or however high the ceiling is). But then we would have to buy more fabric is my quick estimate.

I think it would look much better if the fabrics went all the way to the ceiling, but maybe that would be trickier to move/work with? And of course also more expensive.

What are your thoughts on this?

What kind of locker do you need in terms of security and size?