The cafe container transforms into a 2*kitchen

Hej all relevant peeps.
Me and @NinaLindberg start the serious work this week of converting the cafe container.

Lots of fun stuff, added a screenshot below.
Wanted to ask some community questions here, and as we will be sharing the use of the kitchen and with the state of the container wanted to spend as little money as possible.

So some questions

Do we have any flooring lying around? Something vinyl we can glue to the container floor for the sake of cleaning etc.

I want to take some of the shelving from the red container that is not currently doing anything.
Shelving that fixes to the wall is better though, do we have more of the stuff that’s used in tau. (The grill shelves)

do we have spare lighting we can use in the container?

We want to put up interior walls, we have plenty of osb left over. Do we have some basic white community paint we can use for protecting/sealing them?

I’ve made this doc editable so you can add your stuff directly here if needed


Not to my knowledge. Or we do have the plastic “fake wood” flooring that I bought for the laser container. Should be around 15-20 m2 left or something. It’s relatively easy to clean/wipe off but you do have the minor <1 mm cracks in between the tiles. So water/moisture would go down through it a bit. I guess you could use bathroom silicone or some water-resistant glue when you put it down to stop that from happening. Probably not the ideal solution but cheap as in free (material, will be time consuming of course).

I would love to buy vinyl carpet in black/white chessboard color though. They sell that on rolls at Bauhaus for example. It’s relatively cheap. Around 100-150 kr/m2 if my memory is correct.

Yes! What kind are you looking for? We have plenty of office style lightning. Also a 90*30 cm Floalt LED-light from IKEA (same system we use in Tau and Beta). It’s in the Tau storage room.

Maaaybe. Not sure, will look. Probably not enough anyway. But we can fund that, shouldn’t be much and we could buy cheap paint at Jula or so. This color is extra resistant to dirt and water:

Could also add an extra layer of laquer to make it easily washable. We’ve done that on the walls next to the sink in the Beta pentry for example.

great responses Hampus :slight_smile:

yeah I think the chess board style would be cool, and fit well if viness ends up doing her monochrome thing.
Great we’ll look you up when we need each stage and will finalise a shopping list.

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Sure - lighting - sure - If you also include LED-strips and such. There’s some frames with LED-strips around them and some other LED projects in the Electronics room which should ideally be put to use somewhere :slight_smile:


@jakobskote is the shelving in the red container your area of responsibility? We want to take some for the cafe container.

No, they’re Hampus shelfs as far as I know.

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Yeah they are mine. I will inventory how much there is and see what I can spare.

There should be more shelves in the Tau storage, same kind used there and for the shoes in the entrance. It belongs to @Ollxor/@guff/Stugan.

Long-term we/someone could replace the shoeshleves for something nicer in wood. I know @dsandber has a vision about using the Shaper for that. When/if that happens those shelves are freed up for use elsewhere. Could be nice with uniform metal shelves in the cafe, since you already have some in there from before.

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Talking about electricity.

right now there is a 16amp box in the cafe.
For the cafe and restaurant I want more power :exploding_head:, either get another 16 amp or a 32 amp would be better, more is always more.
@Joannis-Magnus I remember in the chat a while ago you mentioned finding some more gelia distro boxes on Blocket. Do we have more boxes and/or cables in the house?

@elch you also have a pretty wild electrical grid so tagging you here.

also looking for an electrician to check my set-up in a couple weeks but from what I recall @Joannis-Magnus is the closest to pretending to be a pro?


I think that was me linking to an add on Facebook for a cheap 32A PDU + 20 meter cable. No one really went for it though and it’s likely gone now.

@hampus where can we find the office lights?

In the chaos storage room at Tau.


looking sweet!!!


That is genuinely awesome <3

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