The Blivande Insta CREW!

A crew from the Blivande community have been given access to the Blivande Instagram account!

We have decided to dedicate the summer to experiment with running our Insta channel in this way, where people who enjoy being creative with social media post to our account in their own style about things going on and people at the house.

So far on board we have @victoria_albrecht, @claes_gammelgaard, @cecilia_ulfsdotter, @annielocke and myself. Does anyone else feel for getting involved? @bobspeakman for example? Anyone else? It would be great to have 1-3 more people who are really feeling like they have some moments to upload a couple of pics or vids each week.

Those who already have access, please go ahead and get posting! Whether it’s bigger projects and events or smaller everyday cosy/funny things happening around you, let’s show people how great it is to be here! Minimal text, and I will be logging in to do a spell check regularly, so no need to be shy about writing in English if that feels like a barrier to anyone.

We would also love to coordinate as much as possible to make sure we cover bigger things happening at the house on different days and times. I’ll be checking this thread where I have asked people to update on what’s going on for the week, and will reach out to the crew to see if people are around the house.

Sending much love, and I’m looking forward to getting our Insta channel looking really great!


As much as I’m not a very good at insta/fbook stories, I think this is super impt and great initiative!
As a story/poster-noob - is there anything “bigger goal” we want to have in mind/tone etc? I’m thinking of balancing out the FT tinkering vs. Tao making vs. co-working vs. Node (is that going on there too?) or just getting more media out there in general?
Basically a very roundabout way of is there anything that shouldnt be posted/prioritized

Second question - we have FT fbook but not insta - is there a reason to separate one and not the other? Is everything FT related posted on Blivande insta cross-posted to both FBook and Insta? (sorry being a noob :stuck_out_tongue: )


That’s only because I don’t have an IG account so only created a FB page for FT. But I will join IG as well now.

@kimgajraj you can add me to the IG team as well. I’ll give you profile when it’s up and running.


I think that will be helpful when passer-by want to take a fabulous unironic selfie in front of BAM and tag the location. HAHAomg all we need now are some wings to stand in front of :sweat_smile:

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This makes me think it would be fun to do one of those things, where you can put your face in a hole and take a photo. With something that is suitable for frihamnstorget. I think that would trigger people that pass by to post about it. @MariaEuler @kimgajraj @hampus

face%20in%20hole%202 face%20in%20hole

Right now, our first goal is to start creating a flow. When we have that we can sort out and see what type of content that has been effective and not. So let’s just start! Glad to see you joining in on this! We will all learn as we go :smiley:

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I haven’t been on Instagram in 6 months so I don’t think this opportunity is for me.

one thing I wonder when we are doing more insta/fbook is to gather all of the events in one spot (like attached pic) in a more intuitive way/i.e. direct link or a monthly overview with all the events - potentially including noden/etc. when everything begins to reopen. I’ve heard from a few newcomers that it’s difficult/not intuitive to figure out what is going on and when. Thoughts? @hugi @hampus @Sero @Linnea @kimgajraj @SofiaAnner

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Thank you for bringing feedback from newcomers :smiley:

Do you have any suggestion how we would gather the events more intuitively?

I’m thinking we might need specific solutions for the different channels insta, faceb, and website. On insta it might be useful to do a post about upcoming events and then add it to a category, I created a new category for events, we can try it out and see it it is helpful or confusing. On facebook I think it’s pretty clear where the events are, since it’s a tab to click. however I cleaned the tabs we won’t be using, and put the none for events on top, so it will be easier to find. It will be up to us to keep adding the events there as we go.
Same with the website, to me it is clear since the headline says events, but more about adding the upcoming new events

maybe @ben.english has some comments too?

I think perhaps having a distinction on the website between “events” (we host your events at blivande) and “events” i.e. work is play, solaris, etc. - perhaps some tab where there is a calendar overview of the whole month and where each event falls - link to the fbook event on each of those - something like the Node has already here:

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@hugi is this something that would be possible for the website?

It is, yes. We can have that distinction – it just isn’t much use until more events are put into the calendar. :slight_smile:

@hugi perhaps we could have fillers like “drum circle [canceled]” “free flow [canceled]” etc. to show that there is normally many events that are just on hold due to covid? then it’s clearer for newcomers that this is a happenin’ space :wink: Could have different color codes for node/beta/tao workshops/frihamnen work is play of who is hosting

I think it depends on what channel you want to push the events. For insta you would usually upload a poster & then promo the event through the stories.

Facebook is similar, event goes up but this time the promotion is pushed on the event page and sometimes the parent FB page also. What you can do with this style of promo is run a promo piece on the event and then a few days later post it to the parent Blivande FB page with something like “In case you missed it Jape is playing drums etc. check the details at the event!” so you are reminding people that there is an event they should click on and also the promo piece for that week.

Generally Input is weekly unless there is a specific cool video or something then it can break the rule and be uploaded. But the week leading up is always daily promos.

Generally the idea is to promo an event just enough so its promo but not spam. It’s a hard line to feel like walking sometimes though hehe

The website a calender sounds like a legit idea.

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Thank you! This is good suggestions